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One of the reasons that explain the economic power of the United States is the opening to entrepreneurship of new projects, accompanied by the consequent financial support for the entrepreneur to achieve his goals. Further illustration at

Unlike in many other countries, in the United States financing opportunities do not discriminate between large corporations and wealthy people, in relation to entrepreneurs who are making their way with medium and small businesses.


There is also no marginalization for Spanish-speaking residents

There is also no marginalization for Spanish-speaking residents

The extent that they contribute to strengthening the economy, foreigners or residents of foreign origin are encouraged to use credit to rent a house, buy a vehicle or develop their own business.

Of course, access to loans and financing lines is not so easy, when a bank is used. There are other, more expeditious and effective opportunities, such as those we offer in Funds, for the expansion of small businesses.

The lack of resources to buy the machinery that the business needs, should not become a cause of backwardness.

Among the credit options that we put at your fingertips, we have loans and lines of credit for up to 2 million dollars. The interested party completes the application attached on our website and our agents initiate the process, giving an answer to your concern, by email, between 15 and 30 minutes (during business hours) after you sent the request.


Your case is studied

buy machine

Your project is analyzed and if your advisor finds your project feasible and profitable, he approves the credit operation. After your loan for the purchase of machinery is approved, the money is deposited into your bank account, within 24 hours.

You can opt for installment loans, with an annual interest rate as low as 9.99%, with terms of three to twelve months or, for business credit lines to manage cash flows, with an annual interest rate of 13.99%.

Apply now! It’s simple, it only takes a few minutes and our financing specialists are ready to help you.

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