Buying Real Estate Loan and Consumption: Getting a Rate of 1.60%

Today we are offering the best rates in the real estate and consumer loan repurchase market. How to benefit from an interest rate of 1.60% for the consumer loans and mortgage? Discover through this article our offer to restructure loans immo conso!

Purchase of consumer credit

Purchase of consumer credit

First of all, what exactly is the repurchase of credit conso? The repurchase of real estate and consumer credit is a transaction of mortgage which consists of restructuring capital remaining due from real estate loans and consumer credit to ultimately benefit from a single fixed rate. A loan consolidation offer for proprietary borrower profiles. Having the desire to smooth their line (s) of credit (s) real estate (s) with the credits to the consumption.

So making a real estate and consumer credit redemption reduces the total cost of borrowing interest. An operation that makes considerable savings! The new loan is a mortgage loan. Unlike the security deposit, the mortgage fees are not refunded. However, the gain on the transaction clearly amortized the mortgage fees, as well as the ancillary costs (bank and brokerage file). The proposed rates are fixed rates expressed in conventional nominal rates.

Redeeming real estate credit and consumption: get the best rate!

Redeeming real estate credit and consumption: get the best rate!

How to get the best rate of repurchase of mortgage and consumption? In order to benefit from the most attractive interest rate, ie the best renegotiation offer for loans, certain acceptance criteria must be met. First, as stated in the above paragraph, you must own at least one property. Mortgagor’s plan must have a share of real estate credit to repurchase greater than sixty percent. A non-derogable rule for Travis McGeement to be eligible for real estate (LS2) and not for consumer credit (LCC).

The customer record (s) must show no trace of bank charge rejection when analyzing statements of accounts. All SEPA direct debits signed during a contract of any kind must be honored.

It should be known that the presence of rejection of samples is not a reason for refusal. This as long as they do not exceed 6 maximum rejections over the three months studied.

However, the presence of levy offs impacts the interest rate by 0.05% to 0.25%. The debt ratio, ie after operation is limited to 35% insurance included.

So, be aware that a cash envelope not allocated to a specific expense can be financed. Its amount must not exceed 15% of the amount financed, and limited to 20 000 €.

Take advantage of our offer at the best rate of repurchase of mortgage and consumption at 1.60% for any duration less than or equal to 180 months (15 years). For the amortization period of 180 months to 225 months (25 years) the best credit surrender rate is 1.95%. Beyond 25 years, the nominal nominal rate is 2.55% up to 420 months (35 years). Interest rates never equaled in terms of repurchase of real estate credit bundled with consumer credit!

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