How to renegotiate consumer loans at a real estate rate?

How to benefit from lower rates? How to kill two birds with one stone in order to renegotiate consumer loans at a real estate rate! It is obvious that your banker refuses to consolidate the line of consumer credit with the line of credit. For the simple good reason, that the conventional deposit bank does not accept to benefit from a low-interest rate for credits subscribed to high highs. It’s a shortfall, a question of profitability!

Renegotiate consumer loans at the best rate!

Renegotiate consumer loans at the best rate!

To renegotiate consumer loans at a real estate rate at the best rate, you must first be the owner.

Renegotiate your consumer loans at the best rate of borrowing through the purchase of real estate loans.

That is, owning at least one property. A renegotiation banking transaction that is eligible only for the owners. Thus, the bank plan includes a mix of real estate credit (s) and consumer credit (renewable and redeemable).

A new unique credit that offers the subscriber (s) the management of a single monthly payment. A single line of credit at a fixed interest rate under the real estate regime.

In order to benefit from such a credit restructuring offer, the new credit agreement must include a mortgage component representing more than sixty percent of the amount financed. The real estate loan with consumer credit buyback allows borrowers to obtain a buyback of consumer credit at the best rate.

How to renegotiate consumer loans at a real estate rate?

How to renegotiate consumer loans at a real estate rate?

First of all, credit restructuring banks are banks only. In contrast to the banker who is a player in deposit banks. Doing a real estate credit restructuring has to have expertise in credit buyback products.

Renegotiate your mortgage, but also your car loans, travel, development and save!

A typical bank advisor does not know how to correctly set up a credit restructuring file. On the one hand because it does not have the range of products for. And secondly, because it’s not his job. It is recommended to use a professional. The Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Services (IOBSP), also known as the broker. So, to use a loan restructuring broker is the benefit of being able to access the entire offer of renegotiation of consumer loans.

And that at the best rate! Subject to study of the client file (s), it is quite possible to group a mortgage with revolving credits at rates of 17% on average and for an amount greater than 40 000 €. And get for this bank a single fixed rate for all the remaining capital due to 1.70% over a period equal to or less than 15 years. Of course, the portion of the home loan purchased must be higher than that of consumer credit (> 60%).

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