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In October, IIX Credit landed a fixed rate of 1.05% over 25 years for customers in the Ile de France who renegotiated the mortgage of their main residence . In addition to an exceptionally low rate, IIX Credit negotiated for them a delegation of insurance – external loan insurance to that proposed by the bank – at a rate of 0.11% (TAEA). All without any fees: 0 € bank fees, 0 € brokerage fees at IIX Credit !


Mortgage rates have rarely been so low

Mortgage rates have rarely been so low

Yet many borrowers have not yet bought out their mortgages. It’s more than ever the right moment! Even those who borrowed at the beginning of the year can claim the repurchase of mortgage.

It is not uncommon to see borrowers renegotiate two or three times the same mortgage. For these customers, the amount of the fees actually affects the gain of the repurchase transaction and the total cost of credit. This may seem derisory but by entrusting his file to a free broker who offers the file fees * the customer saves on average 1000 € per repo folder is 3000 € if it makes 3 purchases of credits .

Last tip, renegotiating a home loan does not stop at the rate of credit and insurance. You must check the terms of the offer:

  • if the loan is transferable: option that keeps the mortgage rate to finance a future purchase.
  • if the loan is flexible: option that increases or decreases monthly payments.


The promise of sale becomes irrevocable.

The promise of sale becomes irrevocable.

Since 1 October 2016, a seller who wants to cancel a sale agreement for the legal deadline may be penalized by the forced sale of property (Article 1124 of the Civil Code, Ordinance No. 2016-131 of 10.2.16). Prior to this date, if a seller gave up the sale of his real estate before the end of the option period, the purchaser could obtain the payment of the immobilization compensation and claim damages, however, he could not obtain the forced sale of the property. By becoming irrevocable, the promise of sale acquires the same value as a sales agreement.

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