It’s hard not to love a caring, empathetic classic character who strives to help others. They are generally incredibly bright and would do anything to protect or help those closest to them. Others naturally gravitate towards their happy exteriors.

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Tragically, in the anime realm, however, it’s not uncommon for this cuteness to be twisted and manipulated. In other cases, a character’s empathetic and kind nature ends up being his downfall and he is punished in the form of having to sacrifice himself. In the worst case scenario, other characters in their lives don’t understand the meaning of their kind deeds and end up running away from them.

ten Kyoko becomes a magical girl for her father, and he hates her for it (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

kyoko telling her family story madoka magica

Kyoko Sakura contracts with Kyubey in Puella Magi Madoka Magica in order to get people to listen to his father’s sermons, successfully attracting a devoted audience to him. For the first time since they can remember, there is plenty of food on the table and the family seems happy.

This all changes when Kyoko stalks a witch in her father’s church and gets tricked by him as she takes her apart. After realizing that she had used a magical wish to “bribe” people’s minds to listen to him, he calls her a witch and ends up killing her entire family, leaving her to fend for herself. single.

9 Hughes never wants to help others and ends up being taken out because of it (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

hughes meets alphonse fullmetal alchemist

Maes Hughes is somewhat infamously known by those close to him for having a heart far too big and getting his nose in trouble when it is really better to get away from it altogether. This is exactly what is happening in his relationship with the Elric brothers as they confide in him and he wants to help them however he can.

He is able to piece together some of the terrible tragedies the army has orchestrated, but as soon as he does, he is targeted by the homunculi for knowing too much. His death is also by far the cruelest to show on screen.

8 Deku only wishes to be a hero and help others, but life knocks him down at every turn (My Hero Academia)

grumpy deku from my hero university

Deku finds himself with incredible power and his life changes for the better. However, when viewers are first introduced to him, he is arguably at the lowest point of his life.

He is a brave and caring person who admires All Might, the number one hero, and wants to be like him. He was born without the Quirk needed for this to happen, however, and he’s constantly intimidated by his peers for being brave enough to try to pursue his dreams anyway.

7 Ino protects Sakura and helps her build her confidence, but is then abandoned because of a boy (Naruto)

ino slight smile from naruto

When Sakura is still quite young, she is often teased by other girls both for her looks and her general lack of confidence in it. Not only Ino de Naruto discourage bullies from playing with her, but she helps change Sakura’s hairstyle in a way that helps her appear less shy.

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She is a beacon of emotional support for the other when she needs it, although she gets a little jealous when she first realizes that Sakura may have feelings for Sasuke. When this is confirmed by her, Sakura also tells Ino that they can no longer be friends and are simply rivals for Sasuke’s affection, leaving Ino naturally hurt.

6 Trisha understands her husband’s inner turmoil and lets him go only to die while waiting (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

trisha elrics smile from fullmetal alchemist

Trisha Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the nicest, most patient, and understanding characters on the entire show. Not only does she accept Hohenheim as he is after finding out about his tragic past, but she trusts him enough to let him go and even promises that she will still be there waiting for his return.

She does her best as a single mother of two to keep Ed and Al cared for and cared for and not be too upset over their father’s abandonment. She has full confidence in her husband, but she also suffers from a horrible disease that takes her life one day as she rinses vegetables for dinner that night.

5 Tsubaki is empathetic and accommodating, and his brother resents him (Soul Eater)

tsubaki holding his soul eater weapon

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa from Soul eater is an incredibly adaptable and kind soul who doesn’t have much problem accepting the whims of others due to the importance she places on them. It shows both in how often she lets Black Star ruin her chances of succeeding on missions, and in the way she allows her brother to choose what they always play when they’re younger.

Tragically, however, her brother ends up resenting her for being too kind and accommodating. Rather, he considers that she feels sorry for him, and this is one of the reasons the two end up in a heated battle to the death where Tsubaki almost loses.

4 Madoka only wants the power to protect the innocent but has to sacrifice herself in the process (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

madoka about to stop the walpurgisnacht

Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the nicest souls in anime. The only thing she wants is to feel like she has something to offer others, and once she learns of the Magical Girls’ existence, she becomes one in any timeline, whatever. either to bring a stray cat back to life or simply to give Mami someone to soothe her loneliness.

In the final timeline, Madoka makes her vow in order to both save Homura from the fall of despair and save everyone’s lives in the city of the ultimate witch, Walpurgisnacht. However, in doing so, Madoka must sacrifice her human form and experience eternity as a concept that can only watch and never again directly interact with her loved ones.

3 Taiga tries to let her foreign father in and is only injured once more (Toradora!)

taiga cries of toradora!

When Taiga’s estranged father suddenly appears in Toradora! and wants to be reintroduced into her life, it’s understandable that she has resentment and wants nothing to do with him. She’s convinced Ryuji to at least hear it, and things seem to be going well. They begin to plan to live together again, and he agrees to come and see her participate in the school party.

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None of these plans ever came to fruition. It’s an incredibly vulnerable thing for Taiga to let in someone who hurt her and try to allow herself to be happy, and it’s painful to see him fall apart like before.

2 Yuuki’s kindness and naivety are constantly exploited and endanger her (Vampire Knight)

Yuuki in search of a sad vampire knight

Yuuki is an incredibly kind girl who always thinks and does things for others, but it’s an incredibly dangerous trait to have, especially in the Vampire Knight universe. After all, Yuuki attends an academy with an evening class full of vampires while having a rare blood type that is irresistible to them… although she is unaware of the latter fact for the first part of the series.

With her kindness and naivety combined, she often leaves herself in a helpless state where it’s easy enough for a vampire to attract her or just overpower her. For example, she was even deceived once by a little vampire kid who claims he’s a human who lost his parents to drain his energy.

1 Crona tries to form friendships and a positive life, but is manipulated by her mother (Soul Eater)

soul eater panic crona

Although Crona from Soul eater commits actions that are far from kind and seriously injure the main characters, they do it under their mother’s control. Maka is able to help them out and helps them get into the academy to try and help build a better life for Crona.

They prove to be incredibly kind and value Maka and her friendship above all else, but their mother Medusa is still able to control and manipulate them through fear and blackmail. Crona must use the relationships they form with Maka as well as their teacher Marie against them, although he never wants to hurt them.

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