Super Mario is one of the all time icons of video games. It is also one of the most stereotypical franchises in video games. While Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed can be criticized for following their formula, Mario’s formula has a lot of slack. They say don’t fix what isn’t broken, but some things may not be the same for everyone.

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Mario relies on its clichés, like princess and level structures. Some of them haven’t aged the most gracefully, but fans support them because they work. However, in some gaming communities on Reddit, some users have had enough, and they’re letting the world know which shots should be taken down for good.


Giant slot machines

Giant slot machines in Super Mario

Giant slots are fairly common stationary coins in video games. While some may initially associate them with Sonic the hedgehog, technically, they appeared in Mario first. In Super mario bros 2 and its original format of Doki Doki Panic, a giant slot machine would end each level. This comment from a deleted Reddit account expressed his frustration at the snap.

The Redditor denounces this practice as not very exciting. There is certainly some merit in this. While the traditional game at least has the possibility of real winning, you have worked to obtain the possibility of spinning the giant machine. That way, it feels like the game is just keeping your extra lives hostage. Nintendo continues to put slots in its games, but will this minor presence ever overwhelm fans’ patience?

Too easy

Super Mario 64 Unreal Engine 4 Remake

There is always a perception that video games were more difficult when we were younger. Sometimes because we were younger and weren’t as good at playing back then. Sometimes it’s because the games were actually a lot harder. Reddit user chris1980p thinks Mario games should stop trending more easily.

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Mario games may never have been extremely difficult, but they sure were in the past. the New Super Mario Bros. game series added a feature that would play the game for you. Thread commentators say they played Mario 64 much longer than Odyssey because of this. Should the games become more difficult again?

Thematic levels

Super Mario 64 Worlds Ranked Lethal Lava Land

Mario games were the pioneers of standard video game level layouts. There is a world of grass, a world of desert, a world of ice, and so on. You can find themed levels even in the most realistic games, they are iconic. But some think that Mario rely too much on them.

Everybody Loves Super mario bros 3because it’s an incredibly good platform game. But Redditor reiplikash thinks it was the last time Mario ‘s level of themes worked on. They think that as soon as Super mario world, the “thematic” approach to levels was becoming stereotypical. Themes vary from ice to snow Mario hot and desert levels Mario levels, so it’s up to the fans to decide if that’s enough.

Collectathon gameplay

Easter Eggs from Super Mario Odyssey in Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey is one of Mario’s greatest 3D adventures, recreating the gameplay of Mario 64 and Sunshine. However, some people don’t like the sandbox style and prefer the mission structure of the Galaxy titles and Mario World 3D. Redditor Daydays is one of those people. They just think the structure of the mission is more satisfactory.

The gameplay of several games in the series can be categorized as “collectathon”. This is a game with a large variety or a large amount of collectibles. Usually these games are designed around that, but some still view them with derision. It seems some fans want them to step away from this style.

The influence of the new Super Mario Bros.

A giant Mario walks towards the screen in the DS New Super Mario Bros. game.

the New Super Mario Bros. The series was a financial wonder for Nintendo which also brought back the 2D platform. The titles include some of the best-selling traditional Mario games of all time. But some fans didn’t like the series as much. And unfortunately for them, with success comes the desire for synergy.

Redditor ThatsBullocks points out that since the inception of the series, his influence has permeated the rest of the series. Once that brought the Koopalings back, they started appearing in other games. Other characters and concepts from these games like Dry Bowser and Nabbit came to the main games and spinoffs. But since the games are considered pretty bland, people don’t want this bleeding to continue.

The rudeness of Wario

Wario in front of the door Wario in Super Mario 64 DS

When Wario made his debut, he was simply an over-the-top giant Mario. Since Mario was meant to be Mickey Mouse or Popeye, Wario took on the qualities of Pete or Bluto. The main attributes of Wario were his masculinity and his muscles. But as Reddit user Prestonbark points out, another quality has taken over his personality.

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With the advent of the WarioWare series, Wario’s characterization has taken a crass turn. Much of his humor is now based on farts and toilets, instead of masculinity. Although it is still greedy, many people prefer the previous characterization. Hope we get another one Land of Wario game soon.

Mario Mandate

Paper Mario holding the triforce

Mario’s tenure is a fan name for a trend fans have noticed, especially in spinoff titles. Redditor Asad_Faroo who explains it well in this thread. Basically it is the tendency that only Mario characters and concepts may appear in derivative titles. This is particularly visible in the Paper mario series.

Fans are pretty mixed on the trend. The main line Mario The characters in the show are generally quite popular, but there are a lot of spin-off characters that fans would love to see. Mario RPGs are particularly at a disadvantage because they have to remain vanilla flavored. Fans are hoping that these titles can be allowed to explore more with the variety of characters.

Slay the Fangames

Super Mario 64 Wet-Dry World Town

It’s not really a cliché with the Mario games, but no longer with the Mario Brand. Nintendo has always been very protective of their IP addresses, even when they don’t need them, as publisher Honno points out in his article on Nintendo DCMA fangames. Nintendo has every right to remove fangames, but should they?

Companies like Sega often endorse their fangames, and Valve even let a fangame out on Steam last year. While not all fangames are good, there are plenty of great Super Mario fangames to play. These don’t really compete with Nintendo’s market, so many fans wish they were less harsh on fan games. Maybe eventually we’ll see Nintendo loosen their iron grip.

Guest characters in Mario Kart

Mario Kart Link Bowser

Mario kart 8 shocked many gamers with its inclusion of guest characters from other Nintendo series. It is not completely unknown; Mario kart ds includes ROB the Robot and Mario Kart Wii started the Miis trend. But many gamers, including Reddit user WaluigiBubsyPlok, believe there were too many 8 guests. After all, Mario kart 8 added so many unexpected runners like Link, Animal crossing‘s Isabella and Villagers, and Splatoon‘s Inklings.

Fans fear that Mario kart will transform into Nintendo Kart. Some might see this as exciting, but we already have a crossover series for all of Nintendo’s intellectual property. They fear that if Mario Kart continues to incorporate tracks and racers from other series, it will lose its charm. Although even the user quoted admits that they still have a few crossovers they would like to see.

Princess Peach Kidnapped

Super Mario 64 Speedrun

The Damsel in Distress is an extremely old and tired trope. Redditor DavidFoxtailTheTopat said it best when they described him as childish. It is a dated concept and especially supported because it is a tradition. It also makes less and less sense over time, as she has acquired many unique abilities over time.

Obviously, Peach’s ability to float sets her playstyle apart, which is why it would be great if she could go back to Player 3 again. Super Mario Bros 2.The list of playable characters has been recreated by World of Super Mario 3D, and she was playable in that game. Some fans think Nintendo should move away from kidnapping to allow it to happen more often. Peach is a fun character and it would be nice to see her more, so hopefully we will in the future!

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Spider-Man game movement used in any way

Spider-Man game movement used in any way

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