As you journey through the exciting Ghibli-like world of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, you’ll find many changes to this title that wouldn’t be understood or recognized if you hadn’t played the previous entries. With six different titles launching in total – but only two main entries considered and the other mobile games, many were shocked to learn that the new game would be mobile first, PC and console second. And not only that, but undertaken by a new developer.

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However, despite this, the world of Ni No Kuni is still mostly intact. Some differences come from the evolution of the world, while others deal with the overall structure of the game. While it is normal for a series to adapt and change over time for a new market, Cross Worlds has by far the most of the whole series.


ten welcome forever

After the assassination attempt at the start of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, Evan decides he is going to build a new kingdom. As the game progresses, Evan learns about the atrocities of Goldpaw, his neighbor, and how to become a true king.

Only fans of the original series will know that Evermore was founded this way and was not originally a hub for everyone to travel like it is in Cross Worlds. It seems like Evan’s wish for Evermore to be a united front for everyone across the world has been successful, seeing as Evermore is open to everyone equally.

9 Familiar hack and slash

One of the main aspects of Ni No Kuni is its combat system, which has caused controversy in the past due to its transition from one title to another. The original game had a sort of Pokémon style, where you used pets to fight for you. In Ni No Kuni 2, a more in-depth combat system replaced pets.

On the other hand, Cross Worlds takes a different approach and uses both systems. Some of you will enjoy using pets again, while attacking with an exciting combat system.

8 Descendant of a king

When you start Cross Worlds, you are tasked with slaying monsters in the sewers of the Evermore Kingdom. In these sewers you encounter the main enemies of the game, an enveloped group of evil criminals who kidnap Lucilion Pettiwhisker Tildrum – the current King of Evermore.

This name should spark some interest if you’ve played the previous game. After saving Lucilion, he tells you that he is the current King of Evermore, even though he is young and inexperienced. From his name you can tell he is a direct descendant of Evan Pittiwhisker Tildrum, the first King of Evermore.

seven Competitive higgledies

If you’ve played Ni No Kuni 2, you’ll probably remember the Higgledies. These little creatures replaced the pets from the previous game. They work similarly, except you can unlock new Higgledies by finding them spread around the world. You can bring them in and out of combat to perform various tasks, such as healing, regenerating MP, and protecting your party.

However, in Cross Worlds, Higgledies play a secondary role. They are used as plot points later in the story, when speaking with fairies, and as an objective to collect in competitive team battles.

6 Ghibli art style

As many fans of the series know, Japanese studio Level-5 was the original developer Ni No Kuni. However, for Cross Worlds, Level-5 decided to let South Korean mobile specialist Netmarble take over.

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For Netmarble to have an impact, they would have to try to replicate the Ghibli art style that the game series had maintained for years. While Cross Worlds replicates the art style well, you might not realize it’s inspired by Ghibli due to its mobile-focused 3D art style.

5 Swift Solutions Races

Swift Solutions is back with more side quests, and if you’ve played the previous games, you’ll remember this chain store was in every town. It offered exciting and high-quality rewards that could make the game easier and more fun to play. Unfortunately, in Cross Worlds, Swift Solutions is stripped of a lot of the things that made it great.

Initially, Swift Solutions gave you errands and bounties to complete, earning merit rewards in return. While races are still available in Cross Worlds, bounties are left to another NPC, which exclusively offers mini-boss hunts. Races usually kill requests that offer XP and basic supplies, leaving Swift Solutions pretty useless unless you get a rare gacha race.

4 New Auto Battle

In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, one of the main changes is the shift to mobile-centric gameplay. Because of this, many things you may have liked about previous games have been removed or adjusted to accommodate a mobile audience. One of them is to fight monsters manually.

Now, while the option to fight manually still exists, by disabling the auto-battle feature, there’s no point in doing this if you really want to progress through the game. Everything is automated, from you and your monsters attacking to a mode idle AI to farm EXP and loot for you while offline.

3 New puzzles

One of the most interesting things you’ll probably notice is the lack of tricky puzzles. In Ni No Kuni 2, there were sections of the game where you had to go through trials, and to beat them you had to do a bunch of tricky puzzles to prove you were ready to be the king.

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To replace confusing trials, they introduced Tetro puzzles. To complete them, you need to level up your character to unlock them, find resources to gacha fire puzzle pieces, and then put them together like a puzzle. Although these are not a puzzle like in the previous title, they are a way to make your character more powerful.

2 Open world exploration

The most significant and noticeable change is the open world. In previous entries, you could move freely and fight monsters in encounter-type situations. There were even boats you could use to cross the ocean and visit new areas.

However, the open world formula has been severely limited in Cross Worlds. There are open areas around the map, but they limit you in terms of where you can go and what you can find. The most you will find are chests and monuments to gain power and items.

1 Magic story formula

Due to the Ghibli feel of the video game and the fantasy setting, tons of magic is explored in the stories of the previous entry. It is a parallel world in which you are transported, like a Japanese isekai. Many of you have loved this concept, and it has become extremely popular.

On the other hand, Cross Worlds took a different route, introducing virtual reality. The story follows characters who dive deep into virtual reality, and the parallel world is just a game you’re trapped in or transported to. The magical world with hundreds of years of history was suddenly turned upside down.

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