The opinions of critics and the public often diverge. While both groups watch the same shows, they dissect and evaluate them differently. Reviewers generally try to remain unbiased and objectively focus on the series’ elements. Fans can also approach TV shows without bias and criticize the same components.

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However, viewers often bond with their favorite shows, giving them a unique perspective. Audiences might want a more authentic portrayal as they merge their reality with the world on their TV screen. Character chemistry, character development, and dialogue are often areas of interest for viewers. As such, many TV shows can be loved by critics but hated by audiences.

ten Confused fans of Quantico’s setup

Quantico centered on Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) who is suspected of a terrorist attack after graduating from Quantico and becoming an FBI agent. Despite its similarities to other series, critics found it thrilling with a likeable cast. Quantico explored different layers of the characters by delving into their personal lives. Plus, its use of multiple timelines to piece together history was refreshing.

Whereas Quantico had a diverse cast, viewers thought it still perpetuated negative stereotypes. Many fans found the two timelines to be disjointed and the plot to be too convoluted. When the show attempted to remedy this by switching to a single timeline, viewers found another problem: later seasons became bland.

9 Ten Percent fails to live up to its predecessor

ten percent follows a talent agency that faces challenges after the death of its founder. Despite many comparisons with its French inspiration, Call my agent!/Ten percent, critics appreciate the organic chemistry between the ensemble cast. It’s an easy and fun watch that adds to the workplace comedy genre.

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In contrast, fans easily compare the UK version to the well-established French version. They find the series lacks the humor, wit, and charm that popularized the original. ten percent was less well received.

8 Star Wars Resistance uses spectacular animation to tell stories

star wars resistance is a sci-fi animated series about Kazuda Xiono, who spy on the First Order to help the Resistance. Critics appreciate the lighthearted nature of the series, which has its own unique brand of humor throughout its action-packed adventures. The captivating characters match the spectacular animation, and both elements elevate the quality of the series.

The public was disappointed that Resistance didn’t take a stronger approach to the spy thriller. The script often developed slowly and the action scenes lacked risk, making the series less exciting.

seven Unlike other Dick Wolf productions, the FBI quickly squanders its potential

FBI is produced by award-winning Dick Wolf, best known for the Law and order franchise. Critical reviewers hailed the show’s formula as well-thought-out with long-term potential. He inherited the strengths of Law and orderand the series eventually gave way to a franchise.

However, audiences couldn’t connect with the dialogue, which felt forced for some. As the protagonists follow the same steps to catch the perpetrators of each episode, fans have begun to predict the stereotypical approach. Another point of predictability stems from the repetitiveness of cases that target the same ethnic groups, which has reinforced stereotypes and harmful perceptions.

6 Fans struggle to adapt to Star Trek: Discovery updates

Critical Reviews Praise Star Trek: Discovery to reinvent the franchise and give it a more modern approach. Many critics appreciated balancing the most important events with the intimate moments between the characters. It also masterfully covers many genres: comedy, action, adventure and drama. Despite its many elements, Discovery never gets distracted and continues to maintain the quality of his plots.

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However, fans often note that the characters seem underdeveloped. Others don’t connect with the series as it strays from the original, not seeing the importance of updating the plot and characters to reflect a changing society.

5 Supergirl is a point of contention for Arrowverse fans

Although super girl contributed significantly to the expansion of the Arrowverse and was critically acclaimed, many viewers disliked the show. Critics praised Melissa Benoist’s portrayal of Kara Zoe-El/Supergirl, saying her portrayal held the show together even in its weakest moments. In addition, the balance between a dramatic and light tone gave super girl several layers.

Although the public agrees that Benoist was the right candidate for the role, he says that super girl became too melodramatic and soap opera-like. Many viewers felt that the series lost its magic after its first season, often displaying weaker and repetitive storylines.

4 The stewardess walks away from what made her so successful

The stewardess takes a fresh take on spy thrillers. A flight attendant, Cassie Bowden, unknowingly enters the world of espionage when she wakes up next to a dead passenger. Critics applauded the first season for its raw exploration of addiction and trauma. While the second season seemed to divert its attention, it still followed Cassie’s personal development and had many intriguing twists.

As critics and audiences note the dramatic shift in The stewardess, fans are more vocal about their feelings. Fans felt that season 2 was very repetitive compared to the first season, and That of the air hostess gimmicks expose the show’s plot holes. Kaley Cuoco’s portrayal of Cassie was praised, but the “dumb blonde” stereotype was less well received.

3 Batwoman has faced many obstacles

batman the production faced many challenges, including Ruby Rose (Kate Kane/Batwoman) leaving the show after its first season. Despite the obstacles, batman continues to be backed by critics. Ruby Rose and Javicia Leslie (Ryan Wilder) were praised for their performances. Leslie was particularly applauded for keeping the momentum going. Critics liked the show’s spin on the Arrowverse formula, which makes batman serious and genuine.

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Unfortunately, some fans weren’t impressed with batman. The writing wasn’t as compelling as viewers would have liked, and the characters were still saved by plot armor. Regardless of Leslie’s extraordinary efforts, viewers were disappointed with the transition.

2 Riverdale has overstayed its welcome

Audiences and critics agree that Riverdale overstayed its welcome. Additionally, the cast expressed their disapproval of the series’ trajectory and their desire to move on to other work. Critics praised the darker twists of the original Archie comics and the intriguing mysteries. Critics even appreciated how the series embraced its absurdity, delivering gripping teen drama and entertainment.

Even loyal fans found fault with Riverdale. Many dismissed the musical episodes, sexualization of young characters, and bizarre storylines. Although Riverdale was first praised for its casting, acting, and mysteries, it quickly became a source of memes.

1 The homeland missed its target

When Country aired for the first time, many liked it for its holistic view of difficult topics like terrorism. As the show progressed, opinions from critics and audiences diverged. Critics praised Country to capture the current atmosphere and anxiety surrounding terrorism, privacy and security. The characters were also well developed and complex, especially the protagonist Carrie Mathison.

On the other hand, viewers believed that Country perpetuated harmful stereotypes and exposed to Islamophobia and racist stereotypes. Fans also criticized the creators for letting Nicholas Brody live beyond the first season, which led to a lot of pointless and nonsensical storylines.

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