In the past, precious stones, along with gold and silver, were used as a form of currency because of their universal value; today they are purchased because of their Vedic properties as well as to secure personal savings from the fluctuating value of money.

The vast market for gems can be confusing, but with the right knowledge some of these gems can be good investments as well, aside from their gorgeous look of course!

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Diamonds are the first choice of all investors around the world when it comes to the most popular gemstone. Rubies and emeralds are other famous names in the gemstone world; they are also favorites of collectors, mainly because of their strong returns. However, there are other amazing and newer gemstones like tourmaline and tanzanite that have performed even better when it comes to investment, but are still not known to everyone.

Pawan Gupta, Director, PP Jewelers by Pawan Gupta and Rohan Sharma, Managing Director, RK Jewelers share a list of the top six gemstones that are expected to increase in value:

Pink diamonds

Pink diamond is basically a type of natural diamond, known to be very exclusive. Pink diamonds are all the rage among celebrities these days. These diamonds, due to their rarity, beauty and value, impart a special feeling of beauty, romance and luxury. Indeed, according to Argyle Diamond Mine, a pink diamond can cost not 2 or 3 but 20 times the price of a similar white diamond!

According to the new British service The Telegraph, pink diamonds were the main investment opportunity for the year 2020. Over the past 10 years, prices have seen a steady increase and, according to experts, they will only continue to rise. to augment. Pink diamonds have also been considered one of the safest investments in the world by analysts at the Telegraph since 2014.

Green Tourmaline is used in Gem Healing Therapy for body detoxification and stress reductionUnsplash


Ruby or Manik is a natural gemstone that has a dark pink or blood red color appearance. It is known as a gemstone from the corundum family. Colored rubies are also considered a safe choice in gemstone investments. In fact, from the collector’s point of view, colored rubies retain their value and market demand better than diamonds, especially rare colored rubies.

Tourmaline: Rubellites, Bicolor, Indicolite and Paraibas: Tourmaline is a natural, semi-precious and colored gemstone which belongs to the mineral group of Cyclosilicates. This gemstone is found in many truths in terms of color, ranging from black, brown, red, pink, purple, yellow to green, colorless and even two-tone.

Green Tourmaline: Green Tourmaline is used in Gem Healing Therapy for body detoxification and stress reduction by experts. This fact is known to be one of the few reasons why its rise in value is certain.

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Paraiba Tourmaline: This gemstone is one of the most famous. It contains copper and is considered to be one of the few varieties of tourmaline (also known as Cuprian Elbaite) that displays a distinctive neon blue to blue-green color with a beautiful glow.

Rubellite: Natural rubellite is a high value gem variety of Tourmaline, popular for its deep reddish pink to pinkish purple hue. What makes the Rubellite gemstone unique is its bewitching purplish red hue.

Blue Tourmaline / Indicolite: Blue tourmaline or indicolite is a rare and incredible natural gemstone. It is a blue colored gemstone that is part of the Tourmaline family. It is generally used to make fashionable ornaments and birthstone jewelry.

Watermelon / Two-Tone Tourmaline: Natural watermelon tourmaline stone is another rare and unique addition to the Tourmaline family. It features a green and pink color with a minor white area separating the color. It is commonly known as Bicolor Tourmaline or Tricolor Tourmaline in gem certificates. It is also usually customized in beautiful jewelry.


Jacek dylag

Sapphire is a precious stone that also belongs to the corundum family. Sapphire gemstones are popular for their striking blue color, although they appear in several other color varieties according to sales from some of the top auction houses, blue sapphire is known to be the second most popular colored stone. more popular for investment.

The rarest sapphires come from Kashmir, but to date no new material has been mined for the past 100 years or more.

One of the most popular sources of sapphires is Sri Lanka, followed by Ceylon and Madagascar. Fancy colored sapphires are also all the rage among celebrities these days. Yellow, pink and padparadscha are now also becoming popular among investors.


The emerald gemstone is also increasing in value in the current scenario due to increased demand. It is a type of mineral beryl. Some grids of these gemstones indicate that those from Colombian mines are generally more expensive than diamonds due to their relative rarity. However, fancy colored diamonds are always more expensive than emeralds of the same carat weight.


Tanzanite gemstones are one of the Zoisite minerals which are mainly known for their beautiful blue or purple color. This gemstone is not only breathtaking, but is also said to bring stability to life by stimulating different chakras. (IANS / RP)

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