Extreme E recently visited Greenland

Extreme E has indicated what its second season could look like, with 12 countries listed as options to host the five events that will make up the 2022 campaign.

The environment-focused category turned heads in its first year running to somewhat unusual places such as Greenland in an effort to raise awareness about climate change.

Formula 1 champions Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are all involved, with the latter leading the series’ leading team that includes Australian rally ace Molly Taylor.

Plans are already underway for next season, which opens in Saudi Arabia on February 19 and 20 and ends in Chile on November 26.27.

In between, three rounds are listed with several host country options.

Event 2 (May 7-8) will take place in Africa in Senegal, Egypt or Tanzania.

Greenland or Iceland will host the action on July 9 and 10.

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica are all candidates in the penultimate round of September 10-11.

Extreme E founder Alejandro Agag was pleased to share initial plans for 2022.

“We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to Extreme E throughout this opening season, from governments to NGOs, who see great potential, not just to use our goal-driven sports platform to educate on issues. climate change, but also to present the solutions that they and the wider world community can all be a part of, ”said Agag.

“As we near the end of our first season, we wanted to be transparent about how our second season is preparing in order to allow our teams, drivers and partners to prepare. We have had a lot of interest, both in keeping the events in the places we visited in season 1, and in starting new places and we are currently at a stage where we have several options for some of our races.

“As a committed championship that aims to put fans at the heart of decision-making, we also want to hear comments and opinions on the direction we should take in the seasons to come.”

Professor Carlos Duarte, a scientist specializing in extreme climate change E, praised the work done so far by the upstart category.

“The legacy and the scientific aspects are a real cornerstone of the series and already this year I was able to conduct research in Saudi Arabia and collect ice samples from the Russell Glacier with Extreme E,” said Duarte.

“This championship gives me and my peers the opportunity to reach people outside of our usual networks, it gives us a voice to reach the masses and educate on climate issues and solutions we can all do. to be a part of.”

The 2021 season continues with the Island X Prix in Sardinia on October 23-24.

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