In the doubles program in Austria, it wasn’t all about action on the track. At the FIA ​​office there was also some action. There have been discussions about the 2026 engines. The goal of the FIA ​​is to attract new suppliers and they seem to have taken an important first step in that direction.

which pays A new meeting in September, probably in Monza, will clarify the intentions of potential suppliers. According to the German media, they first discussed the budget, then the technical discussions took place and it worked.

Upcoming CEO talks

CTOs of participating parties have started working with engineers and this will be presented to CEOs in September. Toto Wolff gives further explanation to “There is a financial framework in place that you cannot exceed and the level of it is still under discussion. We are currently in talks with the big boys of the organizations, explains Wolff.

Due to the different approach, there are fewer and fewer problems. One of the parts we are still discussing is the E-turbo. Mercedes is the market leader in this area and wants to keep this part in the sport. New suppliers would prefer to see a compromise, so that they don’t start growing at a disadvantage. What is clear is that motors will become more electric.

More electrical power

It is out of the question to be completely electric and the goal is to keep the power source at 1000 hp. However, the priority of a V6 internal combustion engine is pushed back and therefore electricity will play a more important role. For example, it is possible that F1 cars in the pit lane are fully electric. In any case, they haven’t worked out the details yet, but it’s clear that at Spielberg there are new prospects for new suppliers to enter Formula 1.

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