Alpine could be a big contender for podiums and victories in the coming season, believes executive director Marcin Budkowski. This is mainly due to the budget ceiling which has been set for the coming years.

Alpine gets an extra year

Alpine shocked the Formula 1 world when Esteban Ocon won the Hungarian Grand Prix, with luck. But Budkowski wants more than that and says the budget cap can help a lot with that. “We are lucky, if you want, to have an extra year to adapt to it”, said the Pole to on the budget ceiling.

Budkowski clarifies that the Alpine F1 team has an extra year, as the French team does not yet reach the current cap in terms of spending in one year. This while the big teams like Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are way above it. “However, with the ceiling lowered and a brand new car for next year, we’re on top for next year, so we’re there or so,” Budkowski reveals.

Multiple paths to success

“There are very different models around the pit lane in terms of manufacturing or purchasing. We produce a significant portion of our parts in-house at Enstone and to do that you just need more people. he keeps on.

According to Budkowski, however, meeting the budget cap is not as obvious as it seems. “It just changes your approach to development, you have to make sure every run counts, but you have to make sure you do more preparation before you put the part in the tunnel,” Budkowski concludes.

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