What was donated is over! Amazon Games announced that it is working on take action to ban (ban) cheating New World players. The company will initially focus its efforts on cheaters who exploited a bug in Update 1.0.3 that allows players to duplicate gold and items. This update is the one that introduced the character transfer between servers.

As PCGamer reported, the bug named “dupe d’or“Allows players to duplicate gold and items. For obvious reasons, we are not going to say how this failure unfolds, although we can point out that our investigation revealed to us that it is extremely easy to make. Obviously, this method quickly spread on the internet and a large number of users fell into the temptation.

Amazon Games was clear about this in a statement: “Players who deliberately use this condition to gain an advantage will be kicked out. We will also remove any items or gold received if applicable.Players discovered using this method will be temporarily unable to log in with their character, although the account will remain active.

We dare to assert that This method of doubling gold is responsible for the great monetary crisis in the New Worldbecause the currency has been devalued and many players choose to barter rather than buy and sell their items. It’s funny how much a video game can look like in real life.

This news, even if it is negative, is part of the evolution of the New World, which suffered its first economic crisis just a month after its launch. It is the players who hold the future of this world in their hands.

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