The materials supplied by BHP are at the heart of modern life and the company is constantly evolving its approach to continue to deliver them sustainably in the future.

BHP tackles climate change

BHP has defined a comprehensive set of measures, targets and goals …

“We are committed to holding management to account through a direct link between climate goals and objectives and executive compensation.

“We will remain attentive to technological, political and societal developments that could indicate changes in our road signs and the development of new uncertainties for our portfolio analysis. We will continue to monitor developments and revise our approach as necessary, to respond to evolving approaches to climate disclosures related to climate change and climate change. “

Fiona Wild, Vice-President, Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Fiona leads the design and implementation of our global climate change strategy, including activities in the areas of mitigation, adaptation, portfolio assessment, stakeholder engagement and low-emission technologies.

BHP objective and strategy

“Our iron ore and metallurgical coal create the steel that builds cities and makes renewable energy infrastructure possible; our copper is needed for electrical appliances and wind turbines; our oil fuels mobility; our natural gas and energetic coal provide energy and heat; and our nickel enables the development of storage solutions for intermittent wind and solar energy. And for the future, potash has the potential to support more efficient and sustainable agriculture by making crops more productive.

In 2020, BHP published its Climate Change Report 2020, a special publication designed for a more detailed discussion of our approach to identifying and managing climate-related risks and opportunities, which aligns with the recommendations of the Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Task Force. It describes its successes, its lessons and its plans for future initiatives.


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