We’re stuck in an infinite loop at TheGamer. What happens is that a new remake or remaster is announced or revealed, and then a lot of people get excited about it, because they deeply love the game. our childhood being sold back to us, especially when the original games are still widely available and often cheaper, if not outright free. Then everyone who loves these games is lining up to tell me how garbage the original games are. Just big stinky garbage games. Anyone who fell in love with them must have been a jerk and if I have to watch the original for even a minute, blood will start pouring out of my eyeballs.


I have always found this proposal a bit ridiculous. Of course, gaming technology is constantly evolving, but that shouldn’t introduce a binary breakpoint. If a game was great when you played it, it’s still great even if a modern eye would have ironed out some rough edges. A modern eye might also have cut out your favorite features and replaced them with live multiplayer elements. Plus, I basically consider them a waste of time and resources. You can tell they’re reigniting old series and giving them a launch pad, but that’s a very idealized take on this one. Did The Last of Us need a bigger spotlight, is it a forgotten relic? Then there’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, warmly welcomed as one of the best remakes of all time – so successful that the developers’ parent company decided to shut down the entire studio and demand developers to create maps for Call of Duty. Talk about your big stinky garbage.

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Typically, remakes are tweaks to the core, while remasters offer a bit of polish, but studios aren’t always consistent with those definitions, so it’s harder to define. For the purposes of this game, let’s just do “old” and “new”. Remakes and remasters are becoming increasingly pointless, so here’s a challenge for you remake lovers. I will show you a series of screenshots. All you have to do is tell me if it’s original or remake. Answers at the end, and if you look, you’re only wrong.

dead space

Dead Space is the most recent game to spark this debate at TheGamer, so it makes sense to start there. We all know “sever their limbs”, that super special trick that only works on aliens in Dead Space and is not only a surefire way to kill all life forms everywhere, but is it the original “sever their members’ or the new one?

personas 5

I’m tempted to give Persona 5 Royal some sort of pass. I don’t mind remakes that reinvent the game like Final Fantasy 7 Remake does, as it offers a completely new experience that shares the same name. Royal, likewise, introduces a new character, streamlines the base story, and adds an additional hundred hours of extra content – but as much as I’m a Persona fan, I just can’t defend the Pokemon Yellowness from all of this. Can you?

Final Fantasy 6

I said I’d give Final Fantasy 7 Remake a pass, but that generosity doesn’t extend to Final Fantasy 6. The Pixel Remaster went the route of preserving the basics of the art style, which, I suppose, is to be commended. But that just begs the question, why bother at all?

Mass Effect

I think Mass Effect is what got me so cynical. Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of all time. Whatever your opinion of Dead Space, or The Last of Us, or whatever remake, that’s how I felt about Mass Effect. Then I played it and realized that it was not an improvement but a yassification. Sure, it was fun to replay it all and make it part of the zeitgeist for a while, but I struggled to see the point. The identity was swept away in parts and no changes for the better were introduced. I stood where you stand and came back from the brink a broken player.

The last of us part 1

Longtime readers of TheGamer will know that I was particularly critical of this remaster because Naughty Dog promised gameplay updates and led us to believe that meant revamped TLOU2 mechanics and level arenas. , not just the AI, which is better to shoot you. A colossal waste of money and time for one of the most talented studios in the world who won’t even talk about the multiplayer game planned for 2020 until 2023.

life is strange

If nothing else, I’m just. Just like Mass Effect 2, Life is Strange is one of my favorite games. It doesn’t change the fact that I started losing so many remakes that I didn’t even play them. Despite the inclusion of FF6, I’m generally okay with remakes of 20-year-old games, but Life is Strange is still comfortably inside the “too soon” red zone.

Sonic colors

Sonic Colors Ultimate’s new graphics package was so powerful it broke the game. Yet, at least now, one of the more average Sonic games can be forgotten again.

Spider Man

Again, I love Spider-Man, and appreciate that it came free with Miles Morales, but let’s be real. You have no idea what that is, do you?

Super Mario Sun

Remember when Nintendo brought back three random Mario games in one pack, then a few months later staged a public fire to cleanse itself of the sims of capitalism? Which side of the story is this screenshot from?

GTA Trilogy

Is The GTA Trilogy, which was less of a trilogy and more of a collection of three random games, the only remaster in history where everyone agrees the whole project was a waste of time that made everything worse?

Xenoblade Chronicles

Yeah, they already remastered Xenoblade. You might say this one is necessary given that Nintendo is shutting down its older consoles, but can you figure out which one it is?


Crysis was touted as the most gorgeous, advanced, and gluttonous game in existence when it launched, and even that didn’t stop it from needing a remaster. But is it (Credit: a Redditor who has since deleted his account) of said original hard disk founder, or less greedy (graphics card, if not financially) new version?


Dead space – New

Persona 5 – New

Final Fantasy 6 – New

Mass Effect – Original

The Last of Us – TV Show, but they’ve done it twice now and they’re doing a blow-for-blow TV remake. I don’t cheat more than them

Life is Strange – Original

Sonic Colors – New

Spider-Man – Original

Super Mario Sunshine – New


Xenoblade – Original


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