Using over 70 different oil extracts in their formulas, 80% of which are plant-based, internationally acclaimed light artist and founder Lia Chavez tends to herself on her Long Island farm, Hildegaard “is a luxury design house that marries the mystical, the organic and the scientific.”

Aiming to utilize the healing powers of plants through skincare, the brand offers four variations of anti-inflammatory face oils: Hildegaard Neroli, Hildegaard Olibanum, Hildegaard Immortelle, and Hildegaard Rose. Working with plant extract producer LMR Neutrals by IFF, with both parties committing to ensuring high standards of sustainable practices, Chavez sources its damask rose from the high altitude region of Isparta in Turkey, immortelle from Serbia, frankincense from Somalia and orange blossom from Tunisia. .

Chavez has always been dedicated to light practices, with an approach informed by traditional folk remedies. From the age of five, she darkened the windows of her attic and conducted endless hours of experimentation and exploration of light and plant practices. These experimentations paid off and today Hildegaard “elevates the search for beauty into an art form and a holistic, spiritual journey of restoration”.

With the five brands sharing a common interest in moving towards a greener lifestyle, as well as meeting strong consumer demand for locally sourced products, it will be interesting to see how the development of skincare clean and conscious consumption is leaving its mark on the industry.

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