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‘Big Tu’ Meets EEC Board of Trustees Recognizing Year 4 Operations Snapshot, EEC has made investments of 1.7 Million Baht, reiterating that all departments have stepped up operations to achieve results . don’t stay unstable or delayed until new elections Move forward to make Thailand a high income country Improve people’s lives

at 1:30 p.m. on January 7 at the Phakdi Bordin Building Government House General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Chaired the meeting of the Eastern Economic Corridor (PEA) Policy Committee (EEC Council) n ° 1/2565 via a videoconference system with Mr. Supattanapong Punmeechao, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy. Mr. Suriya Jungrungruangkit Minister of Industry, Dr. Kanit Sangsuphan, Secretary General of the Eastern Special Development Zone Policy Committee joined

The Prime Minister has declared the 2022 target a successful year. Therefore, all agencies are urged to step up the issue and work to achieve results. so as not to remain in instability or delay before the next election By working together to unblock obstacles and problems in order to create results clearly in line with the objectives set. We also call on all parties to help raise awareness of the benefits to be derived from the implementation of the UNECE as part of government policy. Together we are pushing Thailand out of the middle income trap into a higher income country. And lead to the development of the country’s new economy to increase the GDP and provide the state with income capable of supporting all groups of people, including low-income people.

The prime minister said the government aims to tackle the problem of poverty. according to the needs and potential of each group of people, namely: 1. The group that is ready but lacking funds. 2. Groups that are not yet ready should increase their learning before funding them. and 3. Groups that are not ready at all must therefore find a way to get on the chain in group 1 and group 2 so that everything can be conducted together. In addition, harness the potential of biodiversity. Implement activities such as medicinal plants or any other biodiversity to add value and generate income for people. and also coordinate cooperation with the BOI. COP26) has passed. This is in line with Thailand’s announcement of the importance of human rights in business operations to be respected, protected and healed in order to create safe investments. Take the environment into account to avoid having to come back to troubleshoot later.

'Big Tu' Meets EEC Board of Directors Recognizing the overall operating results for the 4th year, EEC has made investments of 1.7 million baht.

The Prime Minister reiterated the Action Plan for Infrastructure in Eastern Special Development Zones 2023-2027, on which the government emphasizes the development of the country’s infrastructure in the global logistics system in order to create a systematic link across the country, both by land and by road. The water and rail networks are also linked to foreign countries. by affecting the Ministry of Transport, OHEC and related agencies work together to achieve the plan and in accordance with the strategy of infrastructure development both in neighboring countries and regions

“Please study the solution to the shipping container problem. Agriculture and various fruits and asked to appoint a supervisory committee. and the Laem Chabang Port Development Project Phase 3, Terminal F executive committee should consider appointing a person in good faith. no benefit And there are no legal proceedings to build people’s confidence, ”the prime minister said.

Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that EGAT’s resolution that the meeting agreed on 3 issues, consisting of: 1. Recognizing the overall functioning The country and the people benefit from the EEC. Entering the 4th year, the EEC drew 1.7 trillion baht of investment (80% private investment and 20% public investment) from infrastructure projects amounting to approximately 654,921 million baht. Target industries of around 924,734 million baht and geographic integration of around 82 billion baht. In 2022, the EEC is stepping up to strengthen the Thai economy. Leads the EEC Phase 2 investment plan (year 2022-2026), aiming to create an investment of 2.2 trillion baht from the construction of 200 billion baht in infrastructure, attracting foreign investment in new targeted industries, extending from the normal base. and the Green Economy (BCG) to 400 billion baht per year in order to create innovative investments alongside the environment. as well as the continuous improvement of the quality of life in the community. This will help the country’s economy to grow (GDP) by 5% per year. The value of Thai goods and services exports continues to increase. In addition, there will be a transformation in education and human resource development, especially in the digital realm. To create new jobs and stable incomes By 2029, EEC sets itself the goal of building a stable economy from its foundations. Take Thailand out of the middle income trap and step into a developed country. as well as continuously improving the quality of the community in various dimensions, generating stable income Building a prosperous community for the Thai people both in the present and in the future and being a model organization for the development of development areas specials across the country the future

'Big Tu' Meets EEC Board of Directors Recognizing the overall operating results for the 4th year, EEC has made investments of 1.7 million baht.

2. Recognize the progress of investments in basic infrastructure which is considered a major achievement of the EEC which has driven public-private investment (PPP) through to completion and after the first quarter of 2022, each project (high-speed train U -Tapao Airport Map Ta Phut and Laem Chabang Ports) will be able to proceed with all constructions as planned. It is considered as a model for the development of large infrastructures. who do not need to rely on foreign loans as in the past The government saves the budget, cooperates with the Thai private sector, uses Thai money, uses Thai businesses, uses the Thai people to build a Thailand strong as a core, brings foreign partners to invest, creates jobs, creates money for Thais. The total value of the investment is over 654,921 million baht and the state has a high yield of 210,352 million baht.

and 3. Acknowledge the progress of the project to develop a genomic testing service center in the UNECE region, raising the level of community access to public health services. and a plan to conduct precision medical treatment by accelerating the promotion of investments Genomics Service Center in EEC and related services Currently, the Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI) and OHEC have signed a employment contract. and genetic decoding service leases with the Thai Omics joint venture to decode the genetics of 50,000 people over a period of five years and store them as data for diagnosis and selection of appropriate treatment. as a model in the EEC zone for all Thais Get an accurate diagnosis treat symptoms and healthy