Atomic Heart developer Mundfish took inspiration from Bioshock’s dual combat mechanics to create a game with interesting similarities.

atomic heart is an upcoming action-RPG from Russian indie developer Mundfish. This will be the team’s first full game release, having previously only worked on the now-discontinued Soviet Lunapark VRwhich never made it out of Early Access in 2018. In the game’s latest trailer, Mundfish revealed that atomic heart will be released in the last third of 2022. The trailer also gave viewers a glimpse of the game’s combat mechanics, which are extremely similar to those popularized by the BioShock franchise.

The first two games of the BioShock franchise were set in the underwater dystopia of Rapture. Drastic scientific developments in the city led to the discovery of the gene-altering “ADAM”, harvested by the game’s iconic Little Sisters. In turn, scientists found ways to harness its power to create plasmids. genetics usable by humans. These granted the player powerful abilities such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and electroshock. BioShockCombining these Plasmids with more traditional shooter mechanics has given players a new variety of fun combat options. atomic heart seems ready to emulate and expand on this popular formula.

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A flash plasmid used in Bioshock

atomic heart The protagonist is KGB agent Major Nechaev, whose arsenal includes several ranged and melee weapons as well as a special polymer glove. This gauntlet, controlled by his mind, grants him a variety of combat abilities similar to those granted by BioShockplasmids. For example, trailers and screenshots of the game have shown similar telekinetic, freezing, and electrical powers.

The variety of plasmids available in BioShock gave players the choice of an all-out attack or a stealthier combat approach. For one, they could use the Winter Blast plasmid to freeze enemies before quickly switching back to another weapon to smash and finish them off. On the other hand, if they preferred not to be detected, players could use the Target Dummy Plasmid to draw the attention of enemies elsewhere. atomic heart it looks like it will include these kinds of different gameplay options as well. It’s an incredibly exciting prospect for those who want to customize their game and use the Polymer Glove’s capabilities in unique and creative ways.

According to the Mundfish website, in atomic heartplayers will be able to “transform everything into a weapon: environment, objects, [their] own body, and even the enemies themselves.” This interactivity could elevate the game’s combat to exciting new levels. Just like BioShock encouraged environmental interaction to aid in battles, atomic heart looks set to offer gamers an equally exhilarating experience. Each fight will therefore present different challenges to the player, who will have to find the best plan of attack using all his environment.

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Atomic Heart Polymer Glove Pistol Combat

The Polymer Glove isn’t the only weapon available in atomic heart, although. Players will also have access to everything from simple pistols and axes to rifles and rocket launchers. The path BioShock the combination of these weapon types with the use of Plasmids led to wonderfully balanced gameplay. atomic heart looks set to emulate that formula, while expanding it with the inclusion of skill and crafting trees. With over 30 different weapons available for crafting, players will be able to customize a unique gaming experience to suit their own playstyle.

In addition to being inspired by BioShockMundfish states that atomic heart was also guided by games such as Fall and LOSS. The grip of FallDOOM’s RPG mechanics and frenetic shooter style are evident. However, Mundfish is also keen to state that he doesn’t just want to clone the above, saying “We don’t copy the old, we create the new”. With that in mind, it will certainly be interesting to see the true range of capabilities of the polymer glove and how cool it will feel.

Although they were largely inspired by a variety of franchises, atomic heartThe developers of also developed these premises. For example, it is possible to improve the abilities of the Polymer Glove, a mechanism that has yet to be fully seen. The crafting system and weapon customization further add to the intrigue. By combining these two pillars of gameplay, Atomic Heart seeks to bring its own touch to BioShockthe brilliant double combat mechanics of .

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