Frame material: HMX carbon
Intended use: Hiking
Wheelszie: 29 “front and rear
To travel: 135 mm or 150 mm (internal suspension)
Head tube angle: 64.2 ° (adjustable)
Seat tube angle: 77.4 °
Weight: 3499 grams (frame with shock absorber and Day Saver tool kit)
Price: Frame € 4,999, from € 5,999
More information: boldcycles.com


As you might expect, Bold continues to use the internal shock design, but there are big differences in how it is applied on the new bike. Rather than standing vertically in the seat tube, the shock now sits horizontally above the bottom bracket. This gives Bold a low center of gravity that other brands could only dream of achieving and, she says, also increases the stiffness of the overall build. As before, the shock is protected from the elements but is now accessible from a removable panel at the bottom of the down tube, rather than below the bottom bracket as before. A magnet-equipped race indicator on the outside means you don’t need to open the bike to check for sag or know if you’re hitting bottom or not. Reorientation of the shock also means that the seat tube is clear of any obstructions and a 200mm dropper post can be fitted.

There is more than a realignment going on here though. The previous bike used a proven four-bar system, but a quick glance at the swingarm will tell you something different is happening this time around. The Linkin now uses the IST VP, a virtual pivot system built inside the frame. The linkage is attached directly to the shock and mounted on an axle inside the frame, which allowed Bold to create what he believes is the shortest link of any suspension platform. What does this mean on the track? Well, Bold claims it improves the suspension feel, offers flexible mid-stroke small bump sensitivity support, and a deep, controlled stroke.

A closer look at the new orientation of the shock absorber and the pair of short links.

This is not where the suspension changes end. The bike is either equipped with a RockShox Deluxe shock or a Fox Nude shock. The Nude is Scott’s exclusive shock that is used to implement his TwinLoc system or, as it is called on the Bold, Tracloc. This gives the bike three modes that can be selected using bar-mounted levers – a fully open mode, full lockout, and an intermediate pull mode, which sits in between for efficient but still cushioned pedaling.

The geometry of the Bold Linkin is pretty much the same whether you go for the 135mm or 150mm model of the bike. This means that you have either a fairly progressive trail bike or a generally trendy enduro bike depending on your choice. The geometry is adjustable with a flip-chip in the seatstay, which offers 6.3mm of crank height adjustment, and cups in the head tube that provide 1 ° of stiffening or loosening.

Constructions and prices

Linkin 135 Ultimate

Linkin 150 Ultimate

Linkin 135 Pro

Linkin 150 Pro

The new Linkin is available in 4 different versions and 2 sets of frames. All options come with the Save the Day kit which includes a spare inner tube, mini pump, tire levers and location for quick chain links stored under the down tube cover and a Syncros Matchbox multi-tool SL-CT just in front of the lower support. The rear axle also houses a tool that includes a T25, T30, and an all-in-one 6 Allen wrench to adjust all pivot hardware and almost everything else on the bike.

Builds are priced as follows: Linkin 135 Ultimate (€ 8.499), Linkin 150 Ultimate (€ 10.999), Linkin 135 Pro (€ 5.999), Linkin 150 Pro (€ 6.999), Linkin frameset in black or white (€ 4.999). The Linkin 2022 will be available in 39 international markets by early 2022. More info here.


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