Now marketers can build customer journeys based on the world’s first CDP, the same platform they already rely on to get real-time, up-to-date first-party customer data.

Easily orchestrate highly personalized omnichannel customer journeys to over 300 apps with just a few clicks, including communications, advertising, analytics, and more.

Journeys is a critical step towards Twilio’s long-term vision of creating the leading customer engagement platform

Twilio Segment (NYSE: TWLO), the world’s leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), today announced the launch of Journeys, a new product based on the CDP segment that enables marketers to easily create sophisticated customer journeys and orchestrating personalization at scale, across all channels and across their entire customer experience stack. A customer journey is the entire experience a customer has when they interact with a brand, over time and across channels. Adding the ability to design this journey on top of Segment’s best first-party database is Twilio’s next step in building the premier customer engagement platform.

“Today’s customer journey applications are out-of-the-box products, built on legacy SaaS platforms that cannot offer the flexibility, scale or breadth needed to power customer experiences from world class in the digital age, ”said Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Twilio Segment. . “Built on Twilio Segment’s customer data platform, Journeys takes a new approach that empowers businesses to quickly and easily create highly personalized customer journeys based on the most reliable and up-to-date customer data possible. “

The limits of current course builders

As the world moved to safety during the pandemic, businesses experienced a great digital acceleration, dramatically accelerating their digital transformation roadmaps so they can serve their customers online. Consumers have quickly adapted to these new digital interactions and their expectations for personalized and relevant interactions with brands are now higher than ever.

The stakes could not be higher. According to the recent Twilio Segment State of Personalization report, 85% of businesses believe they deliver personalized experiences, but only 60% of consumers believe brands actually deliver them. Failure to deliver highly personalized experiences has consequences far beyond ineffective marketing spend, such as loss of customer loyalty and market share.

Part of the challenge in meeting these expectations is that businesses are often hampered by ineffective customer journey building tools that rely on incomplete or inaccurate data. Without accurate, up-to-date data, brands have significant blind spots when interacting with customers, creating experiences based on limited information and only a few channels.

Today’s journey builders focus on proprietary marketing channels rather than omnichannel experiences; one-way messages rather than ongoing conversations; and short-term campaigns instead of a long-term commitment. This not only leads to siled workflows and inefficient marketing spend, but it also leads to a loss of customers, who end up with bad experiences through generic or inconsistent messaging and irrelevant and boring offers.

These issues are only exacerbated by the complex and growing customer experience stacks currently required today to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Unifying all customer channels, from email to support, from advertising to analytics, is essential for businesses to deliver a truly omnichannel and differentiated experience from the competition.

Travel overview

Almost half of organizations (43%) say getting accurate customer data for personalization is a challenge for them. Journeys solves this problem. Unlike the current journey builders in the market, Journeys is built on the Twilio segment, which means customer journeys are built on clean, real-time first-party data from dozens of customer touchpoints. This gives businesses confidence and control over all of their interactions with customers.

“Twilio Segment provides businesses with the best data, and we believe the best data wins,” said Reinhardt.

With Journeys, Segment users can orchestrate highly sophisticated customer journeys to deliver meaningful personalization campaigns across any channel, at scale, and across 300+ apps with just a few clicks. This delivers a consistent experience across all channels that evolves based on a customer’s actions, preferences, and feedback.

The new product:

  • Enables marketers to deliver personalization at scale across all channels: With Journeys, marketers can quickly and easily launch complex, multi-step campaigns on any channel, including email, advertising, embedded apps, and SMS.
  • Save time, resources and marketing expenses: Since Journeys is built on very precise first-party data, marketers have a clear understanding of who is most likely to convert, allowing them to optimize channel reach accordingly.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty: Journeys empowers marketers to increase conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment, and improve customer winback. Its data-driven approach also helps improve customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value.

For example, a sports retailer might offer very smart customer engagement based on a user’s activity across all brands, devices, and channels. Fueled by clean, comprehensive and accurate first-party data, the retailer could use the CDP Segment to target customers across multiple channels with specific, personalized discounts or product recommendations based on data such as mileage driven. For example, they could run a sneaker campaign for users reaching 100 miles logged in their fitness app, offering personalized email discount and ads to loyal customers, and email product recommendations to new customers. . They could also integrate customer journey information into their support center, enabling agents to sell relevant products and develop meaningful customer relationships.

“With Journeys, our marketing and advertising teams were able to develop a meaningful and high impact customer plan that is truly individualized and tailored to each of our customers, which has dramatically improved the effectiveness of our advertising campaign,” said Grayson Bagwell, director of Business Development and Ecommerce at Rugs.com. “Travel improved our return on advertising spend and allowed us to reinvest part of our budget in other high growth initiatives. This has had a huge impact on the business and has helped us grow our revenue by 400% year over year. “

“Journeys makes what we thought was impossible possible, removing the frustration our marketing teams previously felt with personalized outreach. As my team discovered the product, we were amazed at how quickly and easily stakeholders were able to orchestrate advanced customer interactions with complex audiences, ”said Josh Rab, vice president of GTM technology at Intuit. “Ease of use and confidence in our customer data is essential for a business like ours, where a rich, personalized experience is essential for our end-to-end customer journey. “

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