Cleancult, a leading sustainable cleaning brand committed to redefining cleanliness with the power of plant-based ingredients and zero waste packaging, has closed its Series B increase, securing $ 25 million in growth funding, have company officials announced on September 29.

Investors include Reynolds Channel, Anchor Capital, Box Group, Vanterra Capital and Blue Scorpion Investments, the early investors behind big brands like Bombas, Harry’s and Quip. Other participants in the increase include famous investors such as Kevin Hart with his venture capital firm, Hartbeat Ventures, and Rachel Zoe with Rachel Zoe Ventures.

“We are now in a position to accelerate our mission of bringing zero waste cleaning solutions to market in an easy-to-use, transparent and affordable manner,” said Ryan Lupberger, co-founder and CEO of Cleancult. “Cleancult is revolutionizing the way retailers approach sustainability. We have been able to support our business partners in their own sustainability efforts without forcing them to completely change their shelves or their business model, and it is especially exciting to secure this cycle so that we can grow faster to an even greater scale. .

Since launching two years ago, the brand has grown rapidly with Lupberger and fellow entrepreneur Zachary Bedrosian at the helm. Lupberger and Bedrosian co-founded the company with the goal of eliminating the amount of plastic waste in the cleaning industry. Cleancult is one of the first companies to successfully package soap in recyclable milk cartons and offers unique reusable glass dispensers in place of plastic bottles. From laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner to hand soap, Cleancult’s patented plant-based and biodegradable formulas have proven to be very effective. The Cleancult system reduces household plastic waste by more than 90%; instead of focusing on concentrates, Cleancult’s refill technique reduces the need for a user to change their behavior, making the transition to natural cleansing a smooth one for consumers, whether they shop online or at their local retailer.

Switching to Cleancult, company officials say the average household can save about 44 pounds of plastic waste that doesn’t end up in landfills each year. The brand has a full line of household cleaning essentials including liquid hand soap, laundry detergent, stain stick, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, bar soap, etc. . Many feature Cleancult’s patented CocoClean technology, the brand’s proprietary formula technology that takes the natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties of coconut and uses it to provide unprecedented cleansing.

According to data from Information Resources, Inc., the natural cleaning products category has seen an increase in growth at a compound rate of 16.5% over the past five years, more than three times faster than conventional cleaning products. Today, Cleancult is on the verge of appropriating this new growing segment which is rapidly overtaking traditional players.


As the first zero waste cleaning brand to be available both direct to the consumer and off the shelf, Cleancult is positioned to help retailers reduce plastic waste. Over the next few months, Cleancult will expand to 2,500 additional doors, bringing the brand’s retail presence to more than 5,500 stores in the United States and Canada, including Bed Bath & Beyond, which will carry Cleancult products. across the country starting this fall.

With this new funding, Cleancult aims to attract additional retail partners, providing them with support as they strive to meet the ambitious goals set by the US Plastics Pact. These include urging retailers to reduce their waste by more than 50% by 2025. The brand has also recently expanded into the North American market and is now available in more than 500 locations. Canadian sales, such as London Drugs, Sobey’s and Peavey. As a result, Cleancult has become a kind of beacon for zero waste consumers and physical partners in the United States and Canada.

Cleancult will also add new faces to its board. These include Seth Cohen, managing partner of Reynolds Channel, and Mark Zurcher, former CEO of Angie’s Boomchickapop and veteran consumer packaged products executive.

“We look forward to supporting Cleancult’s core mission of revolutionizing the household cleaning industry and delivering zero waste solutions at scale with retail partners and with our customers,” Cohen and Zurcher said in a joint statement.

Cleancult products are available direct from consumers and at retailers such as CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond and Meijer.

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