The power of community outreach support between the San Benito Health Foundation and the Youth Alliance is having a positive result in their outreach for a healthier community.

The ongoing immunization awareness movement is a commitment to improve the community by investing time and resources in the well-being of people. By working together, the San Benito Health Foundation and Youth Alliance ensure that our community is well protected and well informed.

Youth Alliance’s efforts are deeply rooted in their dedication and commitment to promoting positive outcomes and targeted outreach to underserved members of our community.

In response to the delicate nature that Covid-19 has brought to the community, Youth Alliance’s partnership with the San Benito Health Foundation has answered the call to action to support the health of our local communities.

The collaboration with the San Benito Health Foundation aims to immunize the most vulnerable residents of the community: our young people. With a dedicated team working to reach our youth today, the collaboration continues to show positive progress.

The President and CEO of the San Benito Health Foundation, Rosa Vivian Fernandez, enthusiastic about the positive result with the support of Youth Alliance, continued by declaring: “With the help of proximity (Youth Alliance), we were able to immunize 91 people (79 children aged 5-11 and 12 adults). We look forward to continuing our collaboration to ensure our community is well protected. ”

Youth Alliance has always expressed a desire to make an impact in the communities in which they operate, and YA is grateful for the partnerships and investments in our local youth.

As a youth and family organization receiving Covid-19 immunization awareness funding from the Health Trust, the Public Health Institute and the Latino Community Foundation, Youth Alliance is proud to support the San Benito Health Foundation to directly help our young people and our local families to live healthier lives. in San Benito County.

Youth Alliance is thrilled to partner with various community organizations who share the belief that youth empowerment and leadership are the foundation for better and healthier communities. As we begin the new year ahead, Youth Alliance is excited to continue building new partnerships and supporting the power of community outreach.

Diane Ortiz, CEO of Youth Alliance, a strong supporter of community immunization, said: “We have seen how this pandemic has impacted families and farm workers in our area. YA is grateful for providing targeted immunization support for local families and youth. Our goal has been to raise awareness, make connections and even encourage people to get vaccinated, to be safe and to support the well-being of our community. Collaborations between partners like the San Benito Health Foundation, schools and public health are essential to keep young people safe and have a healthier community.

The Youth Alliance’s commitment to supporting the community continues to grow and will continue to support the community it serves. For more information on Youth Alliance and awareness updates, visit youthall.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

About the Youth Alliance

Youth Alliance was founded by local activists to fight the growing criminalization of young people in need and in particular young people of color. YA’s advocacy has led to the establishment of culturally and linguistically relevant services and youth leadership development programs in social justice to support healing, educational success and community empowerment.

Over the past 25 years, YA has grown in the depth and breadth of its youth and family programs, community outreach and training.