Teachers have the opportunity to learn from each other as part of the intra/inter school. The alumni are expected to play an important role in organizing special programs with regard to the character building of the students. Society faces a variety of social ills such as addiction, intolerance, disobedience and bewilderment. Human relations are at stake for pity benefits.

The alumni have the role of developing positive thinking, maintaining harmonious and moral relations between students. Some alumni of different higher education institutions have been seriously concerned about excessive delay in admissions of 1st semester students in colleges. According to one estimate, around 600,000 student academic workdays are lost per month.

The figure accumulates approximately fifteen hundred thousand days of lost college work from March 1 to May 15, 2022. It is surprising that this time was used to familiarize new college entrants with lab work, skills orientation and different areas of the ecosystem. academic culture in HEIs.

From now on, every student admitted to a college under the NEP 2020 must follow a study program in sciences, social sciences, humanities, etc., regardless of their academic background at level +2. It is time for the HED and the deans of the academy not to compromise with the academic interests of students and society.

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