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The Permanent Secretary of the Blue Economy Division of the Department of Environment and National Beautification, Sonia Foster, and the Director of the Coastal Zones Management Unit, Dr Leo Brewster, unveil the new logo of the CZMU. (Photo by Tonia Atwell)

As it prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) has changed its name and now sports a new logo.

CZMU Director Dr Leo Brewster said that over the years people have recognized the coastal logo in terms of what it means for the protection of the coastal environment and coastal facilities.

However, he added that an important component of the coastal risk assessment and management program is the institutional strengthening of the office and the consultation and involvement of stakeholders in this process.

Brewster noted that one thing that came out of this was the need for rebranding of the office, especially as the blue economy was now a bigger part of the ministry.

“It was essential to focus on the ocean and look at the opportunities that will arise there for the work that we do,” he said.

He explained that the logo design is the result of consultation with the staff and encapsulates all that has been done by CZMU. “We are very proud of this logo and wear it as a mark of who we are, what we do and where we are going.”

The new logo reflects Barbadian nationalism in the Broken Trident, while its colors represent sand (tan), sky (light blue), waters (blue) and earth (green). The shape of the portions of the circle represents the waves coming onto the shore.

It demonstrates the link between the green and blue economies across land and sea, joined by the Broken Trident. This reflects the fact that Barbadians are proud of their beaches and coastlines and look forward to the preservation of the heritage of seaside life.

The transition from sand to different shades of blue also shows the new perspectives of the “Big Blue” – the blue economy sector, which extends to the open ocean space. Meanwhile, the Trident is the boundary where the transition between land and sea occurs and represents the starting point for activity in the blue economy. (BGIS)