See what the stars have in store for your sign

You’ve spent quite a bit of time at the drawing board, Scorpio. It’s time to get back on the field. The Action + initiative will take your seats now. Remember that the journey you have undertaken is yours and yours alone. If you want to be as wildly successful as you envision, you want to follow your inner compass rather than replicate someone else’s formula. There’s something bigger at play here, Taurus. You know the Universe is conspiring to align you with your soul purpose. So, trust the signs, impulses and synchronic encounters. Take a bold step towards your destiny and embark on a life of greatness. If you’re waiting for them to move, then you’re going to be waiting a long time for them, Gemini. Cosmic weather helps you take back the reins, literally and metaphorically. It’s time to take charge of your pleasure.

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