by Netflix day shift is the streaming giant’s first original foray into vampire-hunting action, and it sets a very specific challenge for the upcoming MCU. Blade film. One of cinema’s most iconic movie monsters, the Vampire, is coming to Netflix in day shift – a vampire action comedy directed by Jamie Foxx. Foxx stars as Bud Jablonski, a pool cleaner who, in reality, hunts vampires in the San Fernando Valley. Along with Foxx, day shift stars Dave Franco as Seth, a vampire hunting syndicate administrator who reluctantly accompanies Bud into the field, and Snoop Dogg as one of Bud’s fellow vampire hunters.


day shift uses its vampire-centric story to achieve both gripping action and wacky comedy in equal measure. Action star Scott Adkins also offers to give the film some extra stunt pedigree, while Dave Franco and Jamie Foxx each boast impressive comedic resumes. This makes day shift a vampire movie with a stake in multiple genres, and it also helps set the Netflix original apart from its contemporaries in the vampire subgenre, which mostly fall into just one of the genres of action, horror, or comedy, but rarely the three at once.

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day shiftThe vampire-hunting premise is an appealing – if not very original – idea, and it may actually make the film particularly important for future releases. As Marvel is set to introduce the MCU’s own vampire hunter in 2023 with Blade, day shiftThe release comes at the right time. While the Netflix movie may not have garnered the same buzz as the average MCU release, the potential for a day shift sequel or franchise is clear, and the similarities between day shift and Blade might worry Marvel.

Day Shift’s blade inspiration will prompt comparisons

Although the most obvious way in which day shift and Blade look alike is that they’re both about the exploits of a dark vampire hunter, that’s only the most superficial of the similarities between them. There are also elements of Bud Jablonski’s hunting skills reminiscent of Blade: he uses a machete to hunt vampires (much like Blade’s sword in Marvel Comics), he uses vampire-killing gadgets, and prefers to work alone. but accepts help from an older one. mentor (and later in the film, a younger team inexperienced in killing vampires). There are more than a few similarities between day shiftand Blade, and it will no doubt prompt comparisons between the Netflix movie and the upcoming MCU release.

Interesting way, day shift also touches on one of the key elements of Blade‘s stories – a vampire who hunts other vampires. Marvel’s Blade is known as the Daywalker, a half-vampire who can operate in sunlight. A part of day shiftVampires possess the same ability (at least, to some degree), and the film’s final act sees Seth transform into a vampire before helping Bud defeat Audrey. that some of day shiftvampire hunters are vampires too is another way the film seems to explore the same ideas as Blade, which will only lead to further comparisons between the two. The fact that these similarities are more than superficial is significant because the more the two vampire-hunting films resemble each other, the more intense the competition between them will be.

Day Shift comedy is something the MCU can’t do

day shift embracing the comedic talents of its stars is one of the film’s biggest draws, and it’s also perhaps the Netflix movie’s biggest way to top the MCU. Blade film. day shiftThe comedy is a mix of gruesome and juvenile: there are jokes about beheading and murder, and there are also jokes about bodily functions. The comedic chemistry between Foxx and Franco helps sell day shift‘s comedy, but it also highlights exactly what the MCU Blade can’t do.

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The MCU Blade the film will certainly struggle to match day shift‘s comedy, which means it won’t be able to compete with its lighter tone. MCU movies are generally aimed at the widest possible audience, and a lot of day shiftThe humor of is not appropriate for young viewers. Plus, the MCU star Blade, Mahershala Ali, is an acclaimed dramatic actor, and therefore in competition with day shiftMarvel comedy just isn’t something Marvel’s own vampire hunter is likely to do.

Why the MCU’s Blade Probably Won’t Match the Brutality of Day Shift

As Blade can’t compete with day shift comically, he will have to compete with his acting instead. However, it can also be a significant problem for BladeMCU debut because day shift is rated R and contains its fair share of bloodshed. Although the Netflix movie injects comedy into its story, it’s primarily an action horror flick, and it’s done with surprising skill. Under the direction of seasoned stuntman JJ Perry, day shift offers an impressive amount of well-executed action, and the sheer brutality of some scenes is something Marvel may find hard to match.

MCU movies can be relatively action-packed, but they usually keep their violence to a minimum. Again, that’s because Marvel generally aims for a more universal approach to its heroes that allows for the widest possible audience. Although the introduction of vampires into the MCU may cause Marvel to adopt a more bloody and violent tone for Bladetheir usual approach is to keep blood and gore to an absolute minimum, which could mean that day shift would also win in the action department.

A Day Shift Franchise Could Become An Unexpected MCU Rival

Should day shift become a franchise, it could cause significant problems for the MCU. Netflix is ​​known to enjoy the success of its original titles and should therefore demand a day shift sequel arise, the streaming giant will almost certainly deliver. The early success of day shift and Jamie Foxx’s comments indicate that there may well be a sequel on the cards, which would actually be terrible news for the MCU.

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As day shiftThe ending left its story open for a sequel, which Netflix may choose to do so as long as interest remains high. This could potentially put Day shift 2hypothetical release date close to Blade‘s at the end of 2023, which would only intensify this budding rivalry. Although the MCU has dominated the box office in recent years, day shiftMarvel’s clever mix of action and comedy may have tapped into a formula that will allow it to top Marvel’s own vampire-hunting movie. Whether day shift can surpass Blade popularity remains to be seen, but Netflix’s chances of triumph over Marvel are higher than they initially appear.

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