It is said that “Hyaluronic Acid is the holy grail of dehydrated and dry skin”, it has no side effects on your skin and is suitable for all skin types, from dry to acne prone skin; to normal and sensitive skin. For a long lasting effect, you can also mix it with your moisturizer and apply it. But if not applied carefully, excessive use of hyaluronic acid can have the opposite effect and can dry out your skin completely.

Reasons why hyaluronic acid dries out your skin

Using hyaluronic acid where the humidity is low is a pretty tricky task. Avoid putting hyaluronic acid on a dry face as the product can suck moisture at a deeper level which can be very harmful to the health of your skin. Using hyaluronic acid where the humidity is low is a pretty tricky task.

Common mistakes when applying hyaluronic acid

With age, the natural levels of hyaluronic acid are depleted in our skin which is naturally present. This leads to wrinkles and loss of skin rebound. So, if you supplement your skin with Hyaluronic Acid, you should be careful with the mistakes mentioned below:

Application of hyaluronic acid without moisturizer

It is essential to apply a moisturizer when applying hyaluronic acid. If the skin is already dry and HA is applied in a formula, it does not add moisture. If applied with moisturizer, it traps moisture in the skin. You can also look for moisturizing serums or the new Profhilo Hyaluronic Acid Treatment, as it contains high levels of natural hyaluronic acid which will ensure your skin looks more hydrated, fresher and younger with an overall improved complexion.

Excessive use of hyaluronic acid

With hyaluronic acid currently being the most talked about product on the market, it is now available in all its forms, be it a mask, serum or pill. Many of us have a ‘the merrier’ mentality. However, various research has shown that excessive application of hyaluronic acid can lead to inflammation and redness of the skin. Applying twice a day in your morning and evening treatments can give your skin a lasting softness and rebound effect.

Profhilo treatment can be your savior from dry, dehydrated skin

Profhilo has introduced a new approach to skin bio-remodeling that seeks to address signs of aging such as dehydration of the skin at its root.

The approach provides a pure and high concentration of hyaluronic acid strategically in several layers of the skin. On the one hand, HA stimulates fibroblast cells which in turn induce the generation of collagen and elastin. On the other hand, HA provides the skin with essential hydration and volume. Replenishing lost reserves of HA in the dermis and epidermis regions can therefore do wonders in combating skin aging where it begins. Integrating the BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) technique, five strategic facial injection sites have been identified. These points ensure maximum distribution of the product in the malar and sub-malar areas most affected by the aging process. BAP sites also minimize the risk of bruising during the procedure.

(Rashmi Shetty, Leading Cosmetic Dermatologist in India, Mumbai)

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