The Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) Outdoor Machine Shop (Workshop 38) was recently recognized for its exceptional effort in upholding a common vision as it completed repairs to steering, equipment stern dive and retractable bow aircraft (RBP) from the USS Pasadena (SSN 752). Workshop 38 performed an initial RBP inspection and repaired the aft outboard outboard linkage assembly and aft plunge hydraulic cylinder.

The shop 38 first and second shift management and dive team is comprised of Supervisors Marshall Moore and Corey Clarke, Work Supervisor Collin Sawyer and Outside Machinists Frank Ricks, Corey Williams, David “Red Altman, Trey Wallace, Jacob Rissmiller, Stephen Hayes and Dean Burgess. This team embodied the ONE MISSION – ONE TEAM attitude of NNSY with its coordinated efforts between shifts to maximize the amount of work that could be accomplished on a daily basis.

The positive, disciplined and aggressive attitude of this team enabled them to overcome the difficult task of repairing the components.

Mark Alley, Piloting and Diving Expert for Code 265.3 Underwater Mechanical Group, said: “In my professional opinion, the employees at Workshop 38 have demonstrated irreplaceable knowledge, skills and abilities to manufacture tools, machining processes and the execution of repair work on all steering and plunging elements. assembly parts and parts as well as the first run of the retractable bow plane inspection package. This is a very good group moving forward to support piloting and diving / RBP for future availabilities at NNSY.

In addition to machine repairs to the damaged outer linkage, the outer linkage was repaired on site under the direction and supervision of the Mechanical Group of the Engineering Production Service (EPD) (code 265.3) and a private contractor. . The repairs that needed to be made to the control rod required the team to adapt, learn, and work together to set up a portable lathe. This teamwork was essential in successfully authorizing the preliminary and final machine processes at the forward plunge rear end of the outer linkage.

Alley said: “The Code 265 mechanical group and I believe the management and dive team at Workshop 38 have demonstrated exceptional skills in determining the correct lathe settings and in inspecting / repairing all parts. steering and rear diving assembly. In addition, I believe that the work and repairs to the machine which were carried out by the management and diving team ensured a satisfactory reassembly of the steering and rear diving equipment. I can’t recall a project where there was such a successful cohesive effort between the first and second shift management and dive communications and its execution. This job has been accomplished through various ups and downs and it has consistently provided timely repairs, supported aggressive project planning, and has been a superior accomplishment.

In the past, NNSY has used external contractors to accomplish this type of machine work, citing a lack of correct tooling and experienced personnel for machine repairs. For NNSY Workshop 38, the significant increase in labor that was discovered during disassembly and inspection made this availability even more difficult. However, the ONE MISSION – ONE TEAM mentality of improving processes and working together has enabled this team to learn from these findings and dramatically improve the processes in which they will operate in the future.

Date taken: 10.06.2021
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