You know I might have underestimated How not to summon an Omega Demon Lordthe ability to meaningfully interweave its myriad of stories and characters. The incremental progress of the Horn arc had been preserved fair noticeable enough that it doesn’t come out of nowhere when it’s time for her to shine in this week’s episode. As with everything adjacent to the harem format, Demon Lord is a set piece, so sometimes a character just needs to wait their turn. Perhaps more importantly, the developments that inform Horn’s actions at the start also fuel the actions of the other characters, especially Diablo, to flow naturally into the end of it and where the story seems to go. then unroll. Despite all the grinding we had in the previous episode, this one has a clear sense of progression and escalation, which we would want from a show rooted in video game mechanics.

So we had our setup from last week’s episode, with Diablo and co. being doomed to a long-awaited stay in Horny Prison, and poor Horn having fled in all the confusion. As with everything Demon Lord, there is a bit more nuance than you might expect; I appreciate that Horn’s abandonment was not due to sheer cowardice or a sense of self-preservation, but simply the belief that she had no significant power to contribute to the cause of the crew. and therefore did not belong to them. We have seen previously how Horn’s experiences with former party members made him feel more mercenary about the idea of ​​going on an adventure, and this at odds with his admission that it was. amusing with Diablo and the others makes him feel like he’s grappling with his decision. So even after a piecemeal buildup in the early parts of the series, the situation she finds herself in feels like a natural turning point for her character, and therefore, the perfect place for a fantasy anime character to fall. on a ridiculous macguffin.

I have to admit that I appreciate Babalon, the next level girl. Her initial appearance at the start of this episode makes a “Wait, what? Incongruous. moment totally in line with the more crooked RPG mechanics deployments of Demon Lord. It even precedes an explanation of Horn’s accidental invocation of her, making it a weird example of scatological humor (something this show doesn’t drag as much as you might expect) that I have. found it just absurd enough to be funny. This is probably the only show that has gained enough goodwill from me that they can detail how the bunny girl summoned a goddess by mistakenly peeing in the holy grail and I respond with “Okay I allow it “. Demon Lord goes Demon Lord. While Horn’s ally with the Diablo crew first made her appear like the hanger she was so aware she was, she has a dynamic with Babalon – Perhaps more than if they had just tied the little goddess gyaru alongside Diablo, as one would expect. Babalon is a motivating effect for Horn, exemplified by how her promise of power leveling doesn’t come to fruition, and rather it’s her outward encouragement for the Doe to use the previously established Master-Servant collar that puts her on a personal progression path.

Part of the entertainment value of seeing this progression is how Horn’s resulting abilities so clearly clash with his personality. This is actually one of the more robust uses of the “Charm” skill that I can think of to see in any fantasy anime, especially for someone on the “good” side. There is quite an effective aspect to using it as a “skill” in this case as well. Horn really isn’t someone who likes to use that kind of ability, but that’s what she got with her potency boost, so she knows she has to deal with it. For all of her fun value, it also ties in thematically with Horn’s long hammered understanding of usefulness in adventure, this time giving her something that she can work with at level combat. those she storms the church to save. Additionally, the idea that she casts a front personality as her key weapon correlates directly with Diablo’s boastful “Demon Lord” personality, herself a utilitarian aspect the main character relied on regularly, although her real self is much closer to Horn’s Real Shy Bunny. You see, they really had a lot to learn from each other!

And that aspect is what ties things together so well as the Resolute Horn reconnects with the previously undecided Diablo. As the public realizes very early on and Horn later understands, the Demon Lord could have escaped the prison at any time, but he held back for the sake of whether that was the right thing. to do alongside Lumachina’s wishes. By aligning Horn’s understanding of this with ours, the series is able to show that his choice was less to physically take everyone out of Horny Jail, and more to show the confidence to move forward whatever. are its capabilities. It was ultimately Horn’s bond with her fellow students that brought her to her unconventional new powers, and although the motivation of his new girlfriend goddess played a big part in it, she eventually thought of herself for it. ‘help. This is how she “saves” Diablo, as she is someone else who constantly questions her own judgment and must remember to believe in her own choices and the way her friends and allies. can also accept them. Hey, there’s still that whole “faith” theme that’s been going through this whole season!

Of course, Demon Lord wouldn’t be the kind of show where everything goes perfectly, so naturally, even Diablo’s incredibly clever efforts to try and renew faith in Lumachina’s subjects via a show of force of reverse psychology are torpedoed by the Pope himself. I appreciate the lady’s enthusiasm, but maybe Diablo’s kayfabe asking her to go all the Old Testament on believers in her God is a bit too much. It’s likely an arc for the rest of the series, digging into Lumachina’s overall religious faith and seeing if she can learn to analyze the difference between what the actual God she worships represents and the expectations she projects onto. Diablo. But as this episode showed, Demon Lord can very well follow up on these stories if we let him tackle them at his own pace. So I’ll keep my own faith that it’ll follow through.


How not to summon an Omega Demon Lord is currently broadcast on
Crisp (under) and Funimation (dubbing).

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