Sportsbooks are making money after Georgia’s 37-0 win over Arkansas on Saturday. Most punters and money when the Razorbacks opened as an 18 point underdog. The line was put around 16 points early in the game, but the Bulldogs took a 21-0 lead and clinched the win.

The defense of the UGA, once again, made the show. This limited the Razorbacks to just 162 total yards of attack and 60 of those came in their last practice of the day. The offense leaned on the running game with Stetson Bennett IV at the quarterback, running it 57 times for 273 yards and three scores.

Kirby Smart was in a good mood when he met the reporters after the game. He’s covered a variety of topics and below Dawgs247 shares everything the sixth-year head coach had to say in an unedited format.

Opening statement …
“My opening remark would be how amazing our fan base is. I think you’re all going to admit that they were elite and we noticed it. Come to the warm-ups and come out of the tunnel, watch there -up and seeing every seat occupied for a midday the kick is special, is special to be in Georgia and they made an impact on the game. I thought on the first offensive series for Arkansas our fans were extremely disruptive. I thought our crowd had an impact on the blocked punt in terms of cadence and things like that that forced the touchdown. So I’m giving our fans at least 10 points, and that’s big “We’ve been patient today, but aggressive. It’s hard to beat. It’s hard to be in football, but we’ve been patient and aggressive and I think that’s important. We preach that every week, one set at a time and not take the lead. I felt that the Arkansas had a great team, but if we were patient while being aggressive and physical we could at least impose a bit of our own will. . I have a lot of respect for Sam and his team. “

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