On the afternoon of July 21, 2021, SONGZ held the 2021 mid-year meeting in the multifunctional hall on Huaning Road. The chairman of the joint stock company Mr. Ji Ankang and the officers of the joint stock company attended the meeting. Staff attended this meeting.

At the meeting, heads of various departments reported on performance targets for 2021, key tasks, self-reflection and work planning for the second semester. In the first half of 2021, all departments will focus on the business policy of “full-time marketing to expand the market, strictly control costs and increase efficiency; pay close attention to quality and produce high quality products, reduce stocks and avoid slowness ”. On the other hand, work hard and strive to achieve various work goals while practicing your internal skills and improving your management abilities.

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Mr. Cui Changhai, vice president and general manager of the bus business department of the joint-stock company, affirmed the difficult performance achieved by each department during the first half of the year. He also stressed that each department should increase the intensity of internal strength training, through continuous improvement of management, to build a “Product Power” market that matches the status of the industry. In the second half of the year, all departments should adopt a proactive and reactive working attitude, take product quality management at the center of their concerns and seize the development of new projects as an opportunity to improve in a way. comprehensive management level, in order to establish a solid foundation for the business unit to meet the challenges and successfully transform the business.


Managers at all levels of the joint-stock company affirmed the fighting spirit and continuous progress of the sales department, analyzed the current difficulties, put forward the corresponding ideas, assisted the sales department in the second half of the year and were convinced that the sales department would complete its tasks. annual work objectives.


Mr. Ji Ankang, chairman of the joint-stock company, pointed out that the difficult market situation facing the business unit is the normal development stage with the decline in total industry demand, and affirmed the difficult business unit performance. facing the hollow. Faced with the challenges, all should react with deep understanding and consistent actions, set the goal of high market share, make full use of the business unit platform management to compare companies, learn from each other’s strengths and play on the advantages of the ‘three-factory link’, and at the same time aim for a semi-annual summary of the problems found, in-depth discussion and in-depth analysis to effectively guarantee the implementation of the solution and the results will be able to achieve satisfactory results within the annual target.


Through the review of the work in the first half of 2021, under the leadership of the management of the joint-stock company and the business department at all levels, each department of the business department has a clearer direction and purpose, and has strengthened trust . Implement each work initiative to ensure the achievement of the various work goals for 2021.

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