THE The Fiat 90 series tractors had gained a reputation for being unadorned workaholics, so its successor would have big boots to fill.

The Fiat Winner range was launched in 1990. However, the best-of-the-line F140 did not reach dealer plots until 1993, when the entire range was revamped to address the initial issues and included now the F115, F130 and F140.

The power of the F140 Winner came from an under-strained 5.8-liter Fiat Iveco engine, turbocharged to produce 140 hp. The rear lift capacity is very impressive 6.5 tons and it is not uncommon for these tractors to crack the rims due to their lift capacity.

The gearbox is renowned for its smoothness, with two levers offering four speeds in four ranges, as well as a button splitter allowing a 24F / 24RE 40k transmission.

To add to its functionality, a manual shuttle allows you to move forward and backward. Perfect in its simplicity and incredibly durable, this successful transmission was carried over by New Holland to the 60 Series and TM “Classic” tractors.

It should be noted that the F140 used a heavier 14-inch clutch disc which can be retrofitted to its smaller stable mates which use a 13-inch unit.

For any new cabin styling, Fiat turned to Pininfarina, an automotive design company that had worked with many car brands, including Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. The result was the “Superconfort” cabin, which was supposed to be as quiet as a car with a noise level of just 75 db.

Keen to shake their reputation for rust, Fiat stressed that all cabin components are treated prior to assembly, as well as the galvanized engine side panels.

Excellent visibility is ensured with full-length door windows, wrap-around corner windows and a frameless front windshield. The lift controls fall easily to hand, although the slide valves are at a slightly awkward right angle to the operator.

The 90s saw the advent of sophisticated electronics in tractors of all brands.

The F140 is equipped with an electronic instrument panel, a primitive headland management system, automatic all-wheel drive and differential lock, as well as a Lift-O electronic linkage system. -Matic.

Many will be wary of high-end models due to the electric gremlins, but the tractor’s real Achilles heel is its hydraulic pumps which can be prone to premature wear.

The latest terracotta beast released only under the Fiat badge, clean examples now cost a lot of money. Having achieved legendary status, it is clear that the F140 was truly a… “winner”.

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