By the early 90s Ford had already reworked the TW series into the 30 series and by that time the design was already over 10 years old – with some advancements along the way.

The biggest distinguishing factor between the TW and 30 series was the introduction of the 16-speed powershift transmission designed by Funk.

As Ford morphed into New Holland, a new high horsepower tractor was needed to bring the brand into the millennium. Aside from the aforementioned Funk gearbox, this tractor was to be a completely new base design – the Genesis 70 series.

Comprising four models – the 8670, 8770, 8870 and 8970 – the Genesis was released in 1994.

Immediately recognizable by their imposing stature, the 70 series were first dubbed Ford tractors, then New Holland with high-end models featuring an A after the model number.

These tractors were manufactured at the Versatile plant in Winnipeg, Canada, which was purchased by the New Holland Group.

Power comes from the 7.5-liter Genesis engine, producing 240 hp on the intercooled 8970.

The Funk shift transmission offers 16 FWD / 9 REV speeds, with a gear change achieved by pushing the short shifter to the left or right, and a change of direction by moving the lever forward or rearward, with programmable and automatic gear shifting functions.

Standard hydraulic oil flow is 117 l / mi.

However, a Megaflow option increases this to a whopping 210 l / min. The rear linkage capacity is also very impressive at 8.8 tonnes.

The six-post cab offers excellent visibility, in part thanks to the introduction of a sloped front hood, while the sliding Sidewinder console allows the driver to adapt perfectly to the seats and the side control console.

These tractors were very innovative with a Super Steer front axle which allowed for an exceptionally tight turning radius.

This optional extra features a front axle perched just below the nose of the tractor with the front linkage and / or weights swiveling with the axle allowing a 65 degree turn angle and was a popular feature with plow operators.

Also worth mentioning is the industry’s first retractable hood for easy service access, as well as optional electronic dispensers.

Interestingly, these tractors were also marked in Fiat’s terracotta color scheme as the G series, Versatile in North America, and later manufactured under license by Landini as the Starland range. Ideally suited for heavy pulling jobs or power hungry tools, the 70 Series brought high horsepower New Holland cars into the 21st century.

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