Crypto advertising has been criticized by both the watchdog and the advertising standards industry because, as it stands, cryptocurrency is not heavily regulated in the UK.

The fear for Watchdog and ASI is that cryptocurrency advertising could lead to disinformation, but this has never been the goal of implemented or emerging tokens.

However, will this affect December 6e release of HUH Token and already well-established Cryptos like Floki Inu and the future of Dodge? Consensus votes are unlikely, as the three currencies mentioned in this article are formed and formed from the culture of memes and, therefore, standardized forms of advertising and all that surrounds it do not apply. As the Doge Bank demonstrated earlier this month in New York.

Advertising and marketing make the world go round, or at least that’s what the big media conglomerates would have you believe, and to some extent that could be true. Recently, Floki Inu was investigated by Watchdog for his advertisements on the London Underground.

This may seem like a drastically misplaced assessment to the novices among us, but taking a deeper look at the ads from the crypto big name, is that understandable?

Many companies around the world advertise their products in the subway, such as Big Pharma and Big Alcohol which, to date, are not regulated by any unaffiliated organization. Does this mean that Crypto advertising on the subway is really the evil it is meant to be?

Floki, Dodge and Huh Token, unlike other establishments advertising on the metro, are invested in an anthropological venture and this is what needs to be emphasized about cryptocurrencies.

To advertise or not to advertise, that is the question.

It’s clear that as cryptocurrencies gain popularity, the original and somewhat archaic forms of wealth will spill out into the back alleys, but that doesn’t require a torrent of mistrust in the crypto world.

Many commercials are momentary spots, soon to be replaced by a trainer or a new brand of tea.

The belief that crypto is inherently bad suggests that this is not very well understood, although there are ways around it.

For example, researching crypto before investing avoids unnecessary damage or heartache.

Understand that investing in any business or currency is a chance, which can rise and fall with a strong gust of wind.

Researching blockchains, single currencies, and dual currencies is not the strenuous effort you might think.

HUH Token, for example, offers dual currency, the first of its kind in cryptocurrency and which can offer a more stable home for your investment, unlike mono currencies which are more susceptible to market downturns.

Advertising in the Age of Censorship

Advertising in its main form is a way to spread information about a product or service, that’s all cryptocurrencies do, they don’t make any promises or statements, they just suggest throwing a glance, and, after all, there is nothing wrong with looking.

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