A slow start affected the opening of the Turkish Grand Prix by Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr.

But beyond the dazzling opening and possible eighth place, Sainz described his tour of Istanbul Park as quite “pleasant”.


Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz overcomes obstacles at Turkish GP

Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz rides on open but wet track at Turkish Grand Prix on October 10 | Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

Typically, the P8s aren’t considered brag-worthy, but Sainz insists the Oct. 10 effort was among his personal favorites.

Here are some of the situations Sainz endured during the Turkish GP:

  • The wet and changeable conditions of the track
  • From the 19th after being arrested for using illegal power pack parts
  • Slipping into Sebastian Vettel’s machine during an overtaking attempt

After overcoming these obstacles, Sainz analyzed his 135th career F1 race with formula1.com.

His conclusion?

“(The ride) was very enjoyable, to be honest probably one of my most enjoyable races as a racing driver,” Sainz said. “When you have the pace I had today and a track that allows you to overtake, especially when it’s wet, it was a pleasure.

And it could have been better.

While other drivers, like reigning four-time Series champion Lewis Hamilton, were caught in the late race indecision of changing tires – or not – Sainz believed the 8.1 pitstop his team’s seconds had prevented the team from placing in the top five.

“I could push really hard, obviously a shame about the pit stop which just (cost) us the possibility of finishing in the top five (October 10), but that’s what it is,” he said. he declares. “Kudos to the team because the car … was really fun to drive.”

Sainz showcases aggressive driving style at Turkish GP

From the moment he started at the head of the peloton, Sainz could sense the type of machine assembled by the crew. Highlighted by his aggressive approach along Turn 12, Saintz steadily improved his position on the track as the other drivers struggled with the wet track conditions.

“I think we have done very well as a team,” said Saintz. “We were very strong on (the) track all the time, and we showed that we could have beaten the top.”

Sainz’s aggressive driving style in Turkey could provide insight into Ferrari’s game plan over the last six events of the F1 series.

“I had to be (attack),” he said. “I guess starting from the back you have to be aggressive, and (October 10) was the day to try and take a little more risk, and it worked out well.

“One by one I could overtake on turn 12; I could do my movements, hold them together, show my pace throughout the race.

Well, until the long pit stop, that is.

Sainz opens US Grand Prix testing with fifth place finish

“(It’s) a shame about that slow pit stop which probably cost us a chance to fight a bit further, but it’s not a day to regret,” Sainz said, adding he won in confidence thanks to the P8.

By taking part in the United States Grand Prix on October 24, Ferrari occupies fourth place in the F1 constructors’ standings, 201 points behind the leader Mercedes.

Sainz participated in the opening practice at Texas Motor Speedway in Austin, Texas on October 22. He was fifth, 1.634 seconds behind the fastest time set by Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas.

“It’s shaping up to be good,” he said. “Now I can only focus on the performance of the last six races. “

Look for them to be more aggressive.

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