GlobalCapital’s survey to determine our 2020 syndicated loan and leveraged finance prices will end today. If you haven’t voted yet, we would love to take this opportunity to select the transactions and companies that have made the biggest difference in the credit markets in 2020. We remind you that an institution cannot win a category she did not win. vote.

Global CapitalThe Loan Awards are the only large-scale awards for the loan market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the only ones based on a survey of market participants. This ensures that they truly reflect the opinion of the market, and this is the reason for the long standing support they have.

We invite you to vote to determine the Prices via this online survey. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, November 25.

In each category, the three or four nominees with the most votes will be published in December and the full results including the winners will be revealed in February.

We’ve added a new award for the bank you think has been the best at supporting customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, to reflect the work that lenders are doing to help businesses stay in business during the pandemic.

The voting rules are:

Banks, borrowers, investors, law firms, private equity firms and other market participants can vote. One vote is authorized per company in each category.

You cannot win in a category in which you do not vote.

Banks and investors can vote for transactions in which they are arrangers or lenders, but borrowers cannot vote for their own transactions. No company can vote for itself as an institution or for an institutional award.

Soliciting votes, as well as discussing your votes with other people outside your company, is prohibited.

Voting your true opinion on who was the most deserving winner is very important: if you don’t win a particular prize, you would rather have a deserving candidate won than an undeserving one.

We hope you enjoy the survey and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

GlobalCapital loan price

Offers of the year

Offer of the year

Leverage Loan of the Year

M&A loan of the year

Loan of the year in emerging markets

Infrastructure finance loan of the year

Regional offers of the year

British and Irish Accord of the Year

The French deal of the year

German, Swiss and Austrian Agreement of the Year

Italian case of the year

Iberian Accord of the Year

Benelux offer of the year

Nordic offer of the year

Deal of the year in Central and Eastern Europe

Turkish case of the year

Middle East Case of the Year

African Accord of the Year

Bank rewards

Loan House of the Year

Best bank to support its customers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Best leveraged loan arranger

Best M&A Arranger

Best project finance loan arranger

Best Business Finance Loan Arranger

Best arranger of mid-cap loans

Best arranger of green and ESG loans

Best secondary home loan

Regional Bank Awards

Best loan arranger in Western Europe

Best UK and Irish loan arranger

Best French loan arranger

Best arranger of German, Swiss and Austrian loans

Best Italian loan arranger

Best arranger of Iberian loans

Best Benelux loan arranger

Best Nordic loan arranger

Best loan arranger in Central and Eastern Europe

Best loan arranger in Turkey

Best loan arranger in the Middle East

Best African loan arranger

Best advisors, investors and law firms

Best Corporate Finance Advisor

Best Law Firm for Syndicated Loans

Best Home Loan Restructuring

Best Institutional Lender

Best investor in subordinated debt

Best distressed loan investor

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