Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB), Gilbert Smith Forest Products (GSFP) and Woodtone Specialties (WSI) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the three parties.

The agreement between ALIB, a GSFP primary lumber manufacturer, and a WSI secondary remanufacturer will strengthen existing relationships and guide future work to achieve mutual goals. The objectives of the three parts include increased development of regional and local economies, support for ongoing forest management and fabrication/re-fabrication works, sustainable use and management of the environment and its natural resources, and l exploration of continued opportunities for future development. The MOU establishes a framework for the three parties to identify opportunities for cooperation, joint ventures and shared decision-making. This relationship will promote fiber safety, value-added manufacturing and long-term local employment.

This partnership represents a commitment to a supply chain from the forest to high-value finished products that are produced exclusively on Secwepemc territory in interior British Columbia. The intent is to create a direct relationship between Aboriginal forest tenures, a primary manufacturer and a major value-added wood products manufacturer all operating within 200 km of each other. This collaboration represents the ideal business model from forest to finished product and executes the partners’ shared vision for the future of forestry in British Columbia.

All three partners are happy to be elkstwecw (working together) and are committed to a long-standing relationship based on trust and respect.

“The Adams Lake Indian Band is pleased to sign this agreement and looks forward to building a strong partnership with Woodtone and Gilbert Smith leading to long-term, full-time opportunities for our members and our societies,” said Chief Lynn. Kenoras.

“We are very proud of this agreement, especially as it will lead to the strengthening of our rural and indigenous communities, a value to which the GSFP has always been committed,” said GSFP President Greg Smith.

“This agreement is extremely exciting for Woodtone from a strategic business perspective and even more exciting, it is an opportunity for our company to become a meaningful partner in the First Nations reconciliation process,” said the president of WSI, Hal Hanlon.

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