New Delhi, June 21 (PTI) In an effort to ensure that beneficiaries covered by the Food Law receive the correct amount of food grains, the Center changed the standards to promote the use of electronic scales in food stores. rationing and their integration with electronic point of sale (ePoS) devices.

Under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), the center provides 5 kg of wheat and rice (food grains) per month per person to about 80 crore people at a subsidized rate of 2 to 3 rupees per kg .

“The Ministry of Food and Public Distribution issued a notification on June 18, 2021 to ensure the right quantity to beneficiaries in the distribution of subsidized food grains in accordance with their right under the NFSA 2013,” an official statement read. .

To encourage states that use ePoS devices wisely and generate savings from the additional margin of Rs 17 per cwt provided to them, the government has stated that rule 7 of sub-rule (2) of security food (assistance to state government rules) 2015 has been changed.

“Any savings made by a State / Union Territory on the additional margin provided for the cost of purchasing, operating and maintaining the point-of-sale device, its operating expenses and the incentive for its use, may now be used for the purchase, operation and maintenance of electronic scales and their integration with point-of-sale devices, ”the statement said.

This would encourage other states to save money through judicious use of ePoS devices.

The Food Ministry said the amendment is an attempt to advance the reform process by improving the transparency of Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) operations under the NFSA.

“While distribution via ePoS devices ensures that subsidized food grains are delivered to the legitimate recipient via biometric authentication, integrating ePoS devices with electronic scales would ensure that the recipient receives the correct amount of food grain from the Fair reseller. Price Shop in accordance with its law, “the statement read.

Food Security (Assistance to State Government Rules) 2015 provides additional margin for Fair Price Shop (FPS) resellers to sell via ePoS as an incentive to ensure transparent recording of transactions at all levels.

As a result, the program “Assistance to State Agencies for Intra-State Movements of Food Grain and FPS Concessionaires’ Margin under NFSA” provides an additional margin of Rs 17 per quintal to all State / Territory governments. Union to cover the costs of purchase, operation and maintenance. point of sale system, its operating costs and the incentive for its use.

The additional margin is due for the fair-priced store that has installed a point-of-sale device and is limited to transactions made through it.

The NFSA is planning reforms in the PDS through the application of information and communication technology tools, including end-to-end computerization, to ensure transparent recording of transactions at all levels and to prevent diversion. It also plans to leverage Aadhaar for unique identification, with biometric information on authorized beneficiaries for appropriate targeting of benefits under the law. PTI MJH MKJ

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