The first 150 GP practices in New South Wales will begin distributing Pfizer vaccines from July 5, with the delivery of the vaccine to the state expected to reach 770,000 doses from October.

NSW will receive an additional 50,000 doses of Pfizer by Friday as Sydney battles a growing outbreak of the Delta variant COVID-19.

A pharmacy technician loads a syringe with Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.Credit:PA

The Pfizer dose increase comes as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said immunization coverage was insufficient to allow fully or partially vaccinated people to be exempted from restrictions triggered by the epidemic in Sydney.

“This particular strand is extremely contagious, and we don’t have enough vaccinated population to make these distinctions. As long as the vast majority of our population is not vaccinated, these threats will be real and permanent, ”Ms. Berejiklian said on Wednesday. “No matter how hard we deal with epidemics, the threat is real until the majority of our population is vaccinated.”

Pfizer’s dose allocation is expected to increase gradually from July, according to the new national vaccine forecast released on Wednesday. Starting in October, general practitioners and respiratory clinics in NSW are expected to receive up to 530,000 doses of Pfizer each week and NSW Health vaccination centers up to 240,000 doses per week.

The Pfizer dose allocation is expected to increase gradually from July.

The Pfizer dose allocation is expected to increase gradually from July.Credit:PA

General practitioners will start receiving up to about 43,000 Moderna injections from July, reaching up to about 212,000 doses each week in October.

COVID-19 task force commander Lt. Gen. John Frewen said on Wednesday there were 94 elderly care facilities across New South Wales that had yet to administer their second doses, and these visits will be “brought forward” over the next five days. None of the 94 facilities that have yet to receive a second dose are within the local government areas of the hotspot.

To date, around two million vaccines have been administered in NSW, around 20% of the 10 million vaccines reported by Ms Berejiklian that would see most of the population vaccinated and the possibility of international borders reopening.


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