Despite its infancy in the world of luxury beauty brands, Hermès recently named established makeup artist Gregoris Pyrplis as creative director of beauty. Pyrpylis – with her deft technical skills and unique insight into the role of beauty in a person’s life – couldn’t be more appropriate.

GRAZIA had the pleasure of speaking with Pyrpylis during a recent trip to Australia, where he was in town to properly introduce the craft’s latest launch, Plein Air (praise the return of international travel!). Inspired by the lightness and radiance of nature, Plein Air is comprised of complexion products that aim to illuminate and nourish while simultaneously preserving raw and real skin.


Here, Pyrpylis shares his thoughts on Plein Air, some stellar application tips, and the intricacies that come with working for a historic 185-year-old house.

Read the interview below.

Gregoris Pyrpylis, artistic director of Hermès Beauty

On inspiration…

Plein Air is a French word… like an expression we use to talk about the outdoors, nature and fresh air. Hermès was one of the first to introduce sportsmanship and empower women in sport. Émile Hermès was the director at the time, and he had four adventurous daughters – he wanted to create clothes that would comfortably support their lifestyle, but with an air of elegance.

It’s been a similar approach with this collection. We want to sublimate the skin in an elegant, comfortable and liberating way. At Hermès, we aim never to impose but to offer. It’s about revealing a healthy, glowing complexion – a kind of natural beauty that enhances skin by providing both care and coverage effortlessly.

On the Complexion Balm formula…

When you apply the Baume de Teint, it’s almost like a caress of the skin, like a breath of fresh air! We worked with trusted partner labs in Japan to create the formula, and it truly is a new category. It is very fluid, creamy and generous with a natural but very radiant finish. It unifies the skin, sublimates, hydrates and protects thanks to hyaluronic acid, green tea, evening primrose extract and Chinese skullcap. We’ve also included the popular White Mulberry extract, well known for its antioxidant properties.

The Complexion Balm also offers a mineral filter that provides SPF 30+ protection. We chose to use mineral filters because we wanted our formula to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

On demand…

The best way to apply the balm is with your fingers, really massaging in – that’s why you won’t see a specific foundation brush in the range. It’s very buildable, and I really think there’s beauty in an imperfect application. But there is no manual, it really can be used as you wish!

On the rest of the Plein Air range…

The range also includes two beautiful objects: The Radiant Matte Powder and the Radiant Glow Powder. Both are extremely soft, like butter, and leave the skin feeling refined yet very natural.

The Radiant Matte Powder is very fine, it is mattifying, but does not weigh the skin down at all. Radiant Glow is enriched with a subtle glow in a universally flattering dewy golden hue.

The complementary brush built by a French artisan whose house has been in business since 1793. We’ve used natural goat hair to keep it as soft as possible, and the hair is simply extracted by combing the goat, so it’s a very soft.

I like to roll the brush over the pressed powder, before dusting the product on the face.

Finally, we have the Blotting Papers, constructed by another Japanese expert. They are made from hemp and kosovo white mulberry which gives them a lightweight yet wonderfully absorbent quality. The lowercase “H” is also created using a specific Japanese watermark technology.

On the codes of the Hermès house…

Hermès is a house of objects; creation and design and color. But it is also a house with 185 years of history. There is a lot to discover and the archives are endless… I may have discovered less than a hundredth of what exists. But silk, leather, each craft has a story!

Beauty for me is naturally present since the first day of Hermès. It’s ingrained in the brand’s DNA because founder Thierry Hermès was obsessed not only with function, but also with the beauty of how something was made. Every choice was extremely deliberate – even in the early days of saddlery it wasn’t just about the human, but how he felt on the horse. This art form of beautification has been around since its inception.

Beauty rituals being very common, our goal with Plein Air is to bring elegance and comfort to our customers’ daily lives. Although we are guided by our history, innovation, functionality and fun are at the heart of the range.



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