Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it is a fun animated rom-com series that’s back in the spring of 2022 for another round of science lab antics. This anime is the story of how fellow graduate student scientists Himuro Ayame and Yukimura Shinya use science to figure out if they are truly in love, and recently they have taken big steps together.

At the start of Season 2, Ayame and Shinya consider themselves an official couple, even though they are not yet done using the scientific method to determine the validity of their romance. Interestingly, these lovebirds inseparable from science came together not because of the perfect experiment or a foolproof formula, but because of the storybook romance of the world around them. Not everything needs to be calculated to be perfect.

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How Ayame and Shinya came across the perfect experience

Ayame good morning

new fans of Science fell in love or returning fans who have forgotten the events of Season 1 will want to know exactly how the science-leaning Ayame and aloof kuudere Shinya could have become a real couple, and the Season 1 finale has the answers. Back then, Shinya, Ayame, and their science friends went on an all-expenses-paid trip to Okinawa to attend a science conference.

Along the way, Ayame and Shinya continued to experiment on their potential romance, and again they got inconclusive results, which frustrated them both. Then, a misunderstanding sparked Ayame’s misplaced anger, and she started a feud with Shinya until she calmed down and decided to make amends. Ayame made a calculated move and bought a flimsy but classy glasses case for Shinya and went to deliver it.

The heel of Ayame’s shoe broke and she fell, which shattered the flimsy glasses case. Distraught, Ayame fled into the night without her mobile phone, and she found herself lost and alone, more unhappy than ever. Her and Shinya’s plans had all failed, and Ayame was convinced that a true romance with Shinya was impossible. She huddled on a bridge for hours until the early morning light, when Shinya finally found her, and they quickly reconciled.

More importantly, the perfect conditions for a romantic kiss were all in place, from the beautiful lighting to the seclusion and calm ambiance, and they shared their first real kiss. But they did more than stick together – they ironically refuted their methods without realizing it. This will have symbolic importance in Season 2.

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How Ayame and Shinya Sabotaged Their Methods in Season 1

Ayame with Shinya

At that point on the Okinawa Bridge, Ayame and Shina gained something, but at the sacrifice of something else, which made it a mixed victory for the Saitama University lovebirds. On the plus side, sharing their first real romantic kiss finally helped them become a real couple, and they are now boyfriend and girlfriend in the first episodes of season 2. By all accounts, it’s a big step. for any new couple, and their friends are happy for them too. However, this came at an ideological cost that Shinya and Ayame are only just beginning to pay.

Shinya and Ayame had been convinced that they could use formal experimentation, data collection/analysis, and more to concretely prove whether their love was real or not, and they spent all of Season 1 doing just that, to not get satisfactory results. Then, during the climax of the season, they became a real couple by doing the opposite of their preferred method. They didn’t calculate or plan anything – they let their emotions, the landscape and unspoken desire take control, acting like more traditional lovers who just listen to their hearts and let things happen as they can.

It’s an abstract and subjective approach, and usually Ayame and Shinya reject such things. They don’t do things by touch – they need hard data and lab equipment. But they proved their own method wrong by doing the opposite during that Okinawan kiss scene, and at the start of Season 2, sadodere scientist Fujiwara Suiu and her boyfriend Chris Florette only reinforced the method. subjective.

Both Suiu and Chris become a couple using the subjective “I know it when I feel it” method, and they doubt the validity of Ayame and Shinya’s scientific approach to romance. And it seems that deep down, Ayame and Shinya secretly agree, no matter what they actually say. This should provide some intriguing drama and twists in Season 2.

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