“The right therapy for you will be a combination of what you want to work on, what the therapist specializes in, and the relationship you develop with your therapist. My biggest recommendation is that after finding multiple therapists who meet your needs. criteria, schedule a consultation or a few sessions to get to know them and see if you feel the connection, “Garcia explains. She also notes that developing a secure relationship with your therapist is the most important thing to keep in mind. mind when doing your research. “If you can’t connect with a therapist, he may have the best skills, but therapy may not be that helpful.”

“There are many treatment modalities. Each has many advantages, and it’s about finding the right solution. Overall, the biggest predictor of success in therapy is the client-therapist relationship,” says Sanchez. It’s best to find someone who you feel comfortable with and with whom you feel connected. “

Additionally, depending on your unique identity and nuances of your background, it may be imperative to speak to potential therapists about how they deal with cultural sensitivities such as sexuality, race, gender, religion, privileges and how it may intersect with your personal beliefs. and value systems. Garcia emphasizes, “For communities that have been marginalized, it is important to seek out therapists who are for liberation and who do not live up to the standards of supremacy.”

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