Larissa and Debbie were enemies for a long time, and maybe still could be, as Larissa tagged Debbie in an article about one of their biggest fights. Photo credit: TLC

Debbie and Larissa’s big points of contention on 90 Day Fiance were about Debbie’s old slot machine in the dining room of her house with Colt that Larissa wanted to get rid of. In one of the last posts in Larissa’s Las Vegas Instagram story, she tagged Debbie in a panning slot machine video.

After fighting so much when she was married to Colt and participating in the Tell Alls, the two were enemies for a long time.

It appears that Larissa has returned recently since Colt announced his engagement to Vanessa. Larissa praised her on her story, which even mentioned Debbie, and she commented on Colt’s post.

Viewers know that Larissa’s temper can be triggered at any time by anything, so there is a possibility that she is stirring the pot while tagging Debbie. Or she could have tagged Debbie because she thought it was funny bringing up this fight after so long.

She “ruined my life and she crushed her dog.” Uncle Beau is making even more accusations against Natalie – this time speaking recently on the Kiki and Kibbitz podcast.
He appeared with his neighbor Tamara and was quite blunt in his response when asked if he would like to say something else about the 90 Day Fiance star: Happily Ever After. ⁠
Initially, Uncle Beau’s comments were unclear whether he was specifically referring to Natalie’s dog, Nymeria, but the dog’s absence from Natalie’s social media accounts could be seen as glaring.
More details on Sequim’s crazy world on our #linkinbio! ⁠
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Larissa opened up about her past fight with Debbie by tagging Debbie in her post

The initial fight between Larissa and Debbie began when Larissa first arrived and said the slot machine in Debbie’s dining room was due to go within 10 minutes of meeting her after Debbie said she could make decoration. The slot machine had sentimental value to Debbie, but it made Larissa angry that she didn’t take it out.

The slot machine was brought up on another occasion when Larissa was mad and still living in the house.

These fights took place in 2018, and with Larissa’s change of mind with Colt, she and Debbie may be on good terms now, in which case Larissa tagging Debbie in an article featuring slots was made jokingly. .

Larissa tagging Debbie in a post related to their past fight could have been done as a joke or to drive her crazy. Photo credit: @ larissalimareal / Instagram

Larissa is no longer on 90 Day Fiance but still in the spotlight

Larissa may have been fired from the 90 Day Fiance franchise, but she still grabs the attention of the 90 Day Fiance fan community for her outrageous nature and controversial decisions.

Larissa’s numerous plastic surgeries in a short period of time, her perceived abandonment of her children in Brazil, and her unstable behavior on the show, including three accusations of domestic violence, made Larissa one of the most discussed actors on the show. .

90 Day Fiancé: Forever? airs Sundays at 8 / 7c on TLC.


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