SEPTEMBER 1, 2022 – Recently, the Navy Personnel Command Talent Management Task Force sent the MyNavy coaching staff to visit the leaders of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps and the director of Recruit Training Command at Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois. They discussed the implementation of the MyNavy Coaching program at these critical points of sailor membership. Overall the visit was very engaging and our message was well received.

MyNavy Coaching is collaborating with the NROTC management to run a MyNavy Coaching pilot course for sophomore college students during their management and leadership course starting the next academic year. As these students become more familiar with management and leadership methods, we create the perfect opportunity for them to understand and begin to practice coaching skills to better communicate with those they will lead.

This communication link brings together three main elements of talent management: performance management, selection of leaders and development of sailors. Together, these elements, filtered through MNC, allow the Fleet to get real and improve by rewarding and promoting Navy leaders for (1) the results they achieve and (2) the culture and teams they create to achieve these results.

During the visit to the RTC, the MyNavy Coaching team had the opportunity to observe two divisions during their MyNavy Coaching course. The recruit division commanders did a good job facilitating the content and the recruits were involved in the process. They asked questions like, “Is this a tool that will help us solve our own problems?” and “How does a person communicate when perceived to be condescending?” These questions are representative of the coaching needs of coaches. New recruits understand.

This visit also allowed the team to observe what changes need to be made to better communicate with today’s recruits. At the heart of our visit, we asked ourselves: “Is the equipment at their level for this stage of their career? As a result of our visit, we will be making some changes to the program to better communicate with today’s recruits to ensure they receive the best leadership advice.

While the team was in Great Lakes, we also got to speak with the “Warrior Toughness” staff. For those unfamiliar with the term, Warrior Toughness is an enabler of the culture of excellence the Navy seeks to instill in its sailors in order to achieve the peak performance necessary to accomplish the mission. Much of what Warrior Toughness stands for and teaches aligns with MyNavy Coaching. The self-reflection, powerful open-ended questions, and empowering Sailors to know who they are and what drives them in life is a self-coaching session, which in turn builds warrior resilience.

It’s an insightful moment that answers a sailor’s “why” and motivates them to solve problems as they arise in their personal and professional life. All of these opportunities support the NOC’s “Get Real, Get Better” initiative. We need to “Get Real” and understand that our sailors need a different style of leadership. By finding out where we dropped the ball and working on a plan to ‘get better’, we can change our current habits and continue to maximize the potential of our sailors.

Overall the Great Lakes tour was phenomenal. Support from NROTC and RTC management was more than the team could have asked for. Captain Kertreck Brooks, Commanding Officer of RTC, looks forward to seeing us again to facilitate the four-hour workshop for RTC personnel, including civilians, and we will be making more visits to other locations to train our future leaders of Marine.

Coaching is an invaluable tool with a high success rate demonstrated by improved performance, better communication and better retention. Today’s sailors cannot be run with yesterday’s mindset. These new memberships represent a shift in the culture of the Navy by bringing better skills to become the combatants necessary for the security of our nation and the future of freedom.

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By Courtney Barber, Aviation Maintenance Administration Manager
My Marine Coaching

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