Nebraska Initiative 429 would add a new Section 24 to Article III of the state constitution to exempt laws allowing gambling at licensed racetracks from the state’s constitutional ban on gambling. Currently, the Nebraska Constitution prohibits games of chance, with the exception of the state lottery, which was authorized in 1992, and authorized raffles intended to raise profits for charitable causes.

Revenues from the lottery are allocated to the Problem Gambling Assistance Fund, the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund, the Nebraska State Fair Board, and the legislature to fund education.

Gambling in one form or another is legal in 48 of the 50 states, with Utah and Hawaii banning it altogether. Twenty-five states have legalized commercial gambling and 30 states have licensed tribal casinos.

Three other states will vote on measures concerning gambling. Colorado would allow local jurisdictions where gambling is legal to approve a maximum single bet limit of any amount and to expand the types of games allowed in addition to slots, blackjack, poker, gambling. roulette and craps. A Second Colorado Amendment would reduce the number of years an organization must have existed before obtaining a charitable gaming license from five to three years.

Maryland would allow sports and event betting at certain licensed facilities with state revenues intended to fund public education. A South Dakota constitutional amendment would allow the South Dakota legislature to legalize sports betting within the city limits of Deadwood.

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