Bethesda and Arkane Studios release new trailer for upcoming co-op shooter red fall, this time focusing on some of the most gruesome elements of the game. Since its debut, red fall has been compared to left for dead as its approach to gameplay and co-op seems incredibly similar, as players have to battle through waves of undead enemies. There have been several “Left 4 Dead-like” games lately, but red fall can stand out the most.

Back 4 Blood was made by the original left for dead studio, and it focused on zombies. Aliens: Fireteam Elite took that formula and applied it to the franchise’s Xenomorphs. And red fall is another title taking this formula in a new direction: vampires. And this latest trailer shows that it’s not all firefights and struggles for survival, but an incredibly eerie setting and horror game moments built on top of it.


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This new red fall The “Into the Night” trailer shows off what appears to be some form of fall festival, appropriate for the current season, and shows how realistic the Redfall, Massachusetts setting is. Fans can breathe in this setting like a cold fall day, but the trailer does a good job of making these vampires truly terrifying. It shows a player, for example, walking through a house to find a floating vampire, as the lights begin to flicker, and he quickly moves in for an attack. The trailer also shows giant beating hearts that likely serve as a vampire base, creatures slowly coming out of doors, and blood-splattered walls to make the most of the night.

There’s more action packed in the later parts of the trailer, but not as much red fallthe gameplay of as seen in previous trailers. However, if this trailer accomplishes anything, it shows how Arkane balances the action of a cooperative shooter with the supernatural horror associated with vampires. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t reveal a new release date, but it does reiterate its 2023 release window.

As this is a cooperative shooter, players will have a choice of who they play as throughout the campaign. Not as many have been shown yet, but each of the following red fall the characters seem pretty interesting: cryptozoologist Devinder Crouseley, telekinetic Layla Ellison, combat engineer Remi de la Rosa, and supernatural sniper Jacob Boye.

red fall released in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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