The proposed budget of $ 25.4 million for the Town of Dickson for the 2020-2021 fiscal year was presented to city council on Monday without a tax increase.

Items of note in the proposed budget, which uses $ 654,000 of the city’s projected reserves of $ 17.2 million, include construction of Phase V of the Dickson Downtown Revitalization Project; design and construction of a skate park in the city center; construction of a relay park; and site preparation for Dickson Fire Department Station # 3.

The budget proposal includes:

– Construction of the parking lot at the corner of East College and Church streets ($ 450,000 financed in a 2019 loan);

– Replacement of the storm sewer system from East Railroad Street to College Street ($ 250,000 financed in a 2019 loan);

– Design of a wading pool / playground at Henslee Park ($ 55,375 funded under a 2019 loan);

– Construction of phase V of the downtown revitalization project on North Mulberry Street ($ 500,000 of which $ 400,000 will be reimbursed by a grant from the alternative transportation program of the Tennessee Department of Transportation);

– Design and construction of a skate park ($ 300,000 financed in 2019 loan);

– Design for phase I of the improvements to the J. Dan Buckner park ($ 60,000 financed in a 2019 loan);

– A road project to improve access from Highway 46 to Gum Branch Road ($ 2,989,516 remaining in a 2016 loan for road projects related to the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Traffic System Management Project on Highway 46);

– Site preparation for the Dickson Fire Department station # 3 at the corner of Highway 70 East and Ridgecrest Drive ($ 82,000 funded in a 2019 loan);

– A 2% cost of living adjustment for city employees;

– A deposit for 30 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with masks and bottles for the Dickson fire department funded for three years ($ 44,000);

– A grant from the governor for the improvement of infrastructure to be used for paving the streets ($ 373,893);

– Replacement of the storm drains from East College Street to Rickert Avenue along Sylvis and Poplar Streets ($ 450,000);

– Purchase of containers for garbage trucks ($ 8,500);

– Equipment for park wardens ($ 6,000);

– A timing sync project for traffic lights on Hwy 70 / Henslee Drive and Beasley Drive as part of a community transportation planning grant ($ 40,000 for the city’s share of a managed project by the State of $ 125,000);

– Construction and installation of new traffic lights at the Henslee Drive entrance to Dickson County High School, Hwy 70 East at Hummingbird Lane and Hwy 46 at Crestview Drive as part of a grant global for surface transportation ($ 950,000 including $ 760,000 to be reimbursed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation);

– Improvements / construction of sidewalks ($ 55,000);

– Construction of a park and ride on Crestview Drive for the Dickson 88X Express bus service as part of a project shared with Dickson County ($ 160,000);

– Operating Fund for the Dickson County Library and Lifelong Learning Center ($ 15,000);

– Dickson County Municipal Airport Operating Fund ($ 55,000);

– A contribution to the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum visitor center ($ 10,000);

– Operating Fund for the Dickson County Chamber ($ 50,000);

– Purchase of two Ford Explorers from the Tennessee Department of Safety Drug Fund for the Dickson Police Department ($ 73,600);

– Purchase of equipment for explorers from the Tennessee Department of Safety Drug Fund ($ 20,769);

– Purchase of equipment such as TASERS, vests and cameras from the Tennessee Department of Safety Drug Fund for police officers ($ 25,000);

– Purchase of a Chevrolet Tahoe from the United States Drug Enforcement Agency’s Drug Enforcement Agency for the Dickson Police Department ($ 35,000);

– Purchase of equipment for the Tahoe from the United States Drug Enforcement Agency ($ 8,000); and

– Purchase of a tractor and mower on State Street Aid funds for the Department of Public Works ($ 125,000).

Requests outside the current budget

In addition to the budgeted purchases, Wesson presented a list of capital projects and purchases requested by city departments that are not included in the budget proposal.

Weiss said the additional capital requests would require an additional expenditure of $ 1.347 million from the city’s balance of funds. Wesson said if revenues and spending remain stable for 2020-2021, he predicts the city will still have a fund balance of $ 15.2 million after the additional projects, which he says is higher. of $ 9 million at the recommendation of the State Comptroller.

Weiss said he would recommend the city to include the additional projects in the budget when council votes on first reading at its June 1 meeting.

These capital requests include:

– Additional funds for paving ($ 626,107 to bring the total allocated to paving to $ 1 million);

– Design of Station 3 of the Dickson Fire Department ($ 180,000);

– A detective in charge of school resources ($ 70,000);

– Repairs to the J. Dan Buckner Park swimming pool which will be necessary before the swimming pool opens for the 2021 season ($ 145,000);

– A sanitation truck for the Public Works Department ($ 250,000);

– Dickson Police Department Remodeling / Renovation Fund ($ 50,000); and

– A front mower for the Public Works Department ($ 26,000).

A public hearing and second reading on the budget will be scheduled at a special board meeting to be held after the June 15 finance and management committee meeting.

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