The Constitutional Court.

Alon Skuy, Gallo Images, Sowetan

The broader political context and the developments that have brought the country to this point should make us fully aware that a constitution, no matter how good, cannot live up to the values ​​created by itself, writes the professor. of International Law from the University of Johannesburg. Hennie Strydom.

There is an old adage: “Be careful what you want.” Former President Zuma wished his day in court and lost. The recent landmark Supreme Court ruling in the Zuma contempt of court case and his jail term ended his cynical strategy and that of his underlings to discredit the Zondo Commission and the judiciary.

His failure to demonstrate the kind of leadership and exemplary respect for the rule of law one would expect from a former head of state was exposed by Judge Sisi’s well-crafted and eloquently worded judgment. Khampepe. The case grabbed international headlines and nationally commentators have rightly underlined the importance of the ruling for the rule of law and constitutional democracy.

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