We are entering the most complex phase of the Covid crisis as decisions must now be made on the basis of a mixture of hard science and soft opinion.

The risk is that there will be between 1,000 and 2,000 more deaths, according to Nphet’s latest worst-case scenarios. The Gthe government is increasingly being pulled in different directions by medical advice versus the noisy hotel sector. Those with business interests in early loosening of the rules can easily count on the support of a thirsty public, not a few populists. Rule-givers, on the other hand, have a lonely job – so easily ridiculed as a disconnected messsports academics and elitists.

These struggles take place against a background of familiarity and fatigue. Familiarity, we are reminded, breeds contempt. “Of course, it’s like a bad flu,” has become the slogan of the impatient and the unbelieving.


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