Rawalpindi: Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Women Engineers Committee Awareness Seminar was held here on Friday at FJWU. The guests of the seminar were Engineer Javed Salim Qureshi, President of PEC, Engineer Suhail Aftab Qureshi and Dr Saima Hamid, Vice-Chancellor FJWU.

The fundamental objective of the seminar is to educate women engineers. The Pakistan Engineering Council, under its Punjab branch, formed the first committee to expedite the regulatory process in the field. The message of this committee is to “Let’s do it together”.

Dr Maryam Jalal, Head of Electronic Engineering Department of FJWU, welcomed the honorable guests and said that PEC has formed a Women in Engineering Committee (Punjab) to encourage professional interest and challenges faced. by women in engineering working in all fields to improve their efficiency.

Ing. Javed Salim Qureshi spoke about reforms and initiatives undertaken by PEC for the betterment of the engineering community. He said that an incubation center for women engineers and the club for women engineers will be established in the PEC building to offer young engineers the opportunity to exchange / present ideas and startups. The center will also provide a platform for women engineers to organize meetings with potential investors for innovative engineering solutions.

The main responsibilities of PEC include providing facilities to women engineers at their workplaces / educational institutions as their main program. It was also announced at the meeting that PEC will not provide accreditation to a new engineering university until it provides all the basic facilities required for female engineers.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Saima Hamid, congratulated the Committee of Women Engineers for having organized their first “meeting of engineers” in the first female university which is a landmark. She said that although women are better workers due to their multitasking abilities, there is therefore a need to provide them with better infrastructure to improve their productivity. She urged the use of such platforms for the improvement of the domain. She also underlined the importance of links between industry and universities for capacity building.

Dr Saima, as usual, gave his full support to the women engineers and congratulated the PEC leaders on the success of their first meeting at FJWU. At the closing session, Ambreen Zaman shared his success story and provided a guide card for the committee to move forward.


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